How LJ Moreno and Jimmy Alapag Celebrated Their Son’s First Birthday

LJ Moreno and Jimmy Alapag throw a basketball-themed birthday party for their son Cayson, manifesting his future as a potential MVP in the making.

There’s no doubt Filipinos love basketball. All the more if a boy in the family has tall genes, we wish they’d manifest as one of the top basketball players of all time. So it’s no surprise that Cayson, whose dad is Jimmy Alapag, the player development coach of the Sacramento Kings, gets a basketball-themed birthday from his mom, LJ Moreno!

In the spirit of things, LJ uploaded a video on Instagram, showing a timelapse of Cayson lying on a basketball mat—up until he turned 12 months old!

She expressed in her post, “Happy first birthday to our super active and funny baby Cayson! Love how much your personality is coming out. Mama, Dada, your kuyas and ate love you sooo much! we are so thankful God blessed us with you! ❤️❤️❤️”

Sharing yet another cute milestone with their son!

Besides showing already some love for the sport, Cayson is capable of “confidently” taking his first steps! The aforementioned Instagram reel showed the little boy in a light gray tracksuit as he walked over to the bars, while his parents were delightfully recording the moment.

Based on the posts of both parents, the two appear to be holding off on some of the celebrations since Jimmy Alapag is out at work. However, the coach made sure to commemorate his son’s first birthday with an Instagram post that expressed his anticipation to celebrate with him after.

“Celebrating Year 1 today My Son! 💫🎂 We Love You so much!! Keep lighting up every room with that amazing smile and beautiful spirit! Can’t wait to celebrate when I get home! Love you My Son❤️,” Jimmy wrote.

With Dad away at work, Mom was holding the fort with the festivities! LJ recently posted a video of the behind-the-scenes moment, marking “day 7 without dada.” She also responded to those who asked her how she managed to do so while operating only on “3 hours of sleep.”

“People always ask me how I do it when Jimmy isn’t around, [especially] friends back home in the 🇵🇭 and aside from prayer and lots of coffee blasting and dancing to throwback music and pretending I’m in the club helps too!” laughs LJ in her post.

Source: jalapag3 Instagram

Making sure their son has a birthday despite being busy

It was a full schedule as Keona—their cheerleading daughter—had an early call time, which meant that they needed to leave the house at 4 AM with all the kids in tow. But Calen had a basketball game the night before, so baking a cake wasn’t an option for this busy mom. However, with a little help from a friend, she was able to capture some photos of Cayson blowing out the candles on his cake.

When it comes to our kids’ birthdays, we will juggle everything and anything to make sure they get the birthdays they deserve. That’s exactly what LJ Moreno and Jimmy Alapag are doing now for Cayson. Happy 1st birthday, Cayson!

Jimmy Alapag and LJ Moreno Alapag have four kids: 11-year-old Ian Maximus, 9-year-old Keona Skye, 6-year-old Calen Asher, and 1-year-old Cayson Amory.

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