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Love Y.O.Ur Skin With These Essential Skincare Ingredients

Having a good skincare routine is essential—even more so as parents! Knowing this, Y.O.U Beauty debuts new products with essential skincare ingredients that nourish, hydrate, and protect skin.

Having a good skincare routine equates to self-love. Amid the hustle and bustle of balancing work and family life, managing a household, and just getting every little thing together, you, as parents, need to also remember to put yourselves and your needs first.

This means establishing a good skincare routine that your future self will thank you for in the long run! After all, more than looking younger, caring for your skin can make you feel better from inside and out.

But where do you begin? First off, knowing what goes into these products is key. Gentle yet effective ingredients take center stage in delivering nourishment, hydration, and protection to your skin. Using specific products that solve and address specific concerns is just as helpful.

Here are some essential skincare ingredients that you can look for when shopping for your next beauty product.

Radiance Glow Y.O.U Beauty

1. Sakura Extract (Cherry Blossom Extract)

More than just a pretty flower, cherry blossoms come with calming and brightening properties—a must for any skincare product. Its antioxidants help repair skin, protect it from sun damage, and brighten your overall skin tone. This extract is key in YOU Beauty’s Radiance Glow Series.

What’s more, by reducing melanin production, this product can help lighten and balance uneven skintone. That way, you can achieve that much-coveted healthy glass skin!

Radiance Up! Y.O.U Beauty

2. Symwhite 377

The older you get, the more you’ll see dark spots on your skin. This is caused by increased melanin production, which can make your skin look uneven.

Enter Symwhite 377. Its powerful brightening abilities that help reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots without irritating your skin. This ingredient can be found in YOU Beauty’s Radiance Up! Deep Moisturizing Cream, Radiance Up! Antioxidant Serum, and Radiance Up! Pure Cica Essence.

Aside from its brightening properties, the Radiance Up! Deep Moisturizing Cream helps strengthen your skin barrier, as it has Ceramide 1-3-6 that protects your skin from environmental aggressors.

Golden Age Y.O.U Beauty

3. Bakuchiol

Sensitive skin needs sensitive but effective ingredients, and if you’re the type who frequently breaks out, Bakuchiol may be the answer. This gentle plant-based retinol alternative helps boost cell turnover and stimulate collagen production, which works wonders in lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while improving your skin tone and texture.

This key ingredient can be found in the Y.O.U Golden Age Series, which includes the Y.O.U Golden Age 2 in 1 Essence, Y.O.U Golden Age Intensive Serum, and Y.O.U Golden Age Energizing Eye Cream. Using gentle yet effective ingredients, these products can help restore youthful-looking skin.

Sunbrella Series Y.O.U Beauty

4. Buddleja Officinalis Extract

Living in a tropical country like the Philippines means that you get a lot of sun exposure—sometimes, even too much of it. This is why sunscreen is a must, as it shields your skin from the damaging effects of UV rays

A natural sunscreen in its own right, Buddleja Officinalis Extract offers photo-protection from both UV rays and blue light. What’s more, it delivers long-lasting moisture and neutralizes free radicals that damage the skin.

This ingredient can be found in the Y.O.U Sunbrella Series, which comes in four variants that suit different lifestyle needs. These include:

  • Y.O.U Intensive Care Aqua Sunscreen: provides 8X all-around protection—perfect if you have sensitive skin. It even contains other beneficial ingredients like the aforementioned SymWhite 377 and Ceramide, which help brighten dull skin and repair your skin barrier.
  • Y.O.U Sunbrella Triple UV Elixir: a sunscreen that’s infused with 3X oil-control ingredients—MatmarineTM, Witch Hazel, and 4D Centella Asiatica. This manages oily skin while preventing white cast and greasiness.
  • Y.O.U Sunbrella Tone Up UV Elixir: gives you a radiant and glowing complexion. This sunscreen comes infused with SymWhite 377 and Hyaluronic Acid for brighter, plumper skin—all while protecting you from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Y.O.U Sunbrella Airy Outdoor Sunscreen Spray: a convenient and hassle-free spray-on that comes with Niacinamide and Buddleja Officinalis Extract. That way, your skin is nourished and well-protected against UVA/UVB/IR rays. Use for outdoor activities with family!

Achieve true beauty with Y.O.U Beauty

Understanding your needs and more, Y.O.U Beauty continuously innovates and collaborates with renowned research and development experts to create skincare products that not only use essential skincare ingredients, but also fit your skin type and lifestyle.

“Y.O.U Beauty is committed to improving one’s skin health through the skincare balance rule, giving high importance to the Protect-and-Repair method as a key factor in one’s skincare routine to ultimately achieve that long-lasting beauty from within,” the company said in a statement. “Nourish, protect, and repair your skin and make sure it receives well-deserved love and care with products that give you a healthy glow.”

By upholding its brand philosophy of “Long-Lasting Beauty”, the brand aims to provide everyone—most especially parents—with accessible beauty, all thanks to its advanced technology and diverse product line.

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