You Don’t Spell Youthful Beauty Without a “U”

Merz Philippines celebrates the Tala 2022 awards to commemorate their partners and debut their latest Ultherapy.

We’re always in search of something to help us gain back our youth. Whether it’s through skincare, nutrition, hobbies, or impulsive shopping, we’re repeatedly chasing time. Especially the hours and days lost to the pandemic locked up in our homes. To celebrate their return to the light and new normal, Merz Philippines held the Tala Awards for their partner clinics like Aivee Clinic.

Winners of the Tala 2022 Awards

Among the winners of the Tala 2022 Awards was the Aivee Clinic, owned by Dr. Aivee Teo, which won the prestigious 7-star Over-All award. Here are the other clinics that won under the 5-star and 7-star categories:

5-star Award Category

  • Merz Pure Anti-wrinkle injectable treatment Award – Forever Flawless Face and Body Center, Inc.
  • Merz Easy Adapt Hyaluronic Acid filler Award – Avignon Clinic
  • Ultherapy® CU – The Aivee Clinic
  • Ultherapy® CU – Toledo Medical Companies, Inc.

7-star Award Category

  • Merz Pure Anti-wrinkle injectable treatment – The Aivee Clinic
  • Ultherapy® TD – The Aivee Clinic
  • Merz Versatile CaHA Filler – Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations, Toledo Medical Companies, Inc.
  • Merz Easy Adapt Hyaluronic Acid filler – The Aivee Clinic, Toledo Medical Companies, Inc.

Congratulations to the winners!

Merz Philippines Advocates For Body Neutrality

Along with the awards, Merz Philippines took the time to present its newest offering known as Ultherapy. In collaboration with 2015 Miss Universe Winner Pia Wurtzbach, they hope to offer that finding youth and self-care does not need to be embracing what the body looks like now. Rather, it can also mean replenishing the youth and age we’ve lost to the stresses, challenges, and hardships of life.

“I always strive to be better than I was yesterday, in everything I do, because confidence is beauty.
Self-care is very personal and being consistent is key. Mental and physical health go together.
Body positivity is about learning to accept, understand, and celebrate yourself from every
angle. Treatments like Ultherapy® not only enhance physical appearance but also
boosts your confidence,” shares Pia.

While we’re all about aging gracefully, that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to make the aging process a lot cleaner. Ultherapy focuses on finding a non-invasive approach to tightening and healing the unseen damage done to our skin.

Achieving the feeling of being young needs “u”

We lose confidence in ourselves because we try desperately to fit society’s standards of what is beautiful and young. We’ve heard enough horror stories about how some would abandon their long-time partners because they’re not young-looking anymore. But achieving that youthful beauty and disposition in life needs our choice to do so. Merz Philippines offers Ultherapy® to help us achieve that first step in finding our youthful beauty and outlook again. And like they say, you can’t spell Youth without “U”.

For more about Merz Philippines or Ultherapy, check out their websites: https://ultherapy.com/ or https://merzaesthetics.com/

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