4 Times Luigi Muhlach Bonded with His Dad Aga Muhlach

Luigi Muhlach has always been close to his dad Aga and they bond as much as they can in their free time.

Luigi Muhlach has always been low-key despite making appearances on television thanks to his parents, actors Aga Muhlach and Janice de Belen. These days, Luigi is busy spending time with his wife Patty, and their three kids in between his work as a chef.

But even if he’s already a family man, Luigi tries to catch up with his dad. Check out some of these moments.

Golfing with dad Aga

One of Luigi’s passions is golfing and he recently got to play with his dad. In an Instagram post on August 18, Luigi wrote: “Today was a good day… for me,” he said while tagging his dad.

Photo from Luigi Muhlach

Being a dotting son behind the scenes

During Father’s Day early this year, Luigi released a short video of some footage he took of his dad for a TV project.

Being his dad’s confidant and cameraman

In an Instagram post, Luigi wrote: “Minsan trabaho! Mas madalas kwentuhan.”

Photo from Luigi Muhlach IG

They go on trips with their families

Luigi has shared on his Instagram account some trips he went alongside his dad, wife Patty, stepmom Charlene, and friends.

We all wish to have a good relationship with our moms and dads just like Luigi, don’t you agree?

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