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Meet Events Planner Extraordinaire And Super Mom Amanda Tirol

Events planner and soon to be mom of four Amanda Tirol talks about doing what she loves and how she keeps her loved ones close

Ask anyone in the events industry about Amanda Tirol and they’ll speak of her in hushed tones. After all, an event by Amanda is an experience in itself. It helps that she’s passionate about bringing her clients‘ visions to life. In fact, she considers it to be her favorite part of her job. Apart from being a total boss, Amanda is also a dedicated mama to her three kids — with one on the way! We spoke to Amanda about her family life and how she manages to maintain a close family bond despite her busy schedule.


Hi Amanda, tell us about your children.

Sasha is our eldest, she is already 16 years old. Lucas is our second, he is 13 years old; Ethan is our youngest as of the moment, he is 10 years old.We also have another baby on the way. I am currently 5 and a half months pregnant!

They all have different personalities. Sasha is my best friend and at a very young age, she is already very responsible. She actually got my personality; she’s really strong and responsible and she loves doing weddings too. I am proud that she is very quick to learn and she is also looking forward to know more about what we do. I would honestly love to see her take over the business soon but I always tell her that she is free to pursue what she really wants to do and what will make her happy. 

Lucas is the sweetest amongst my kids and my youngest Ethan is the most protective and is the baby of our family. I am currently pregnant and everyone in the family is very excited for this! I also consider this as our blessing in this time of the pandemic. 

I’m sure it helps to have a great partner-in-crime…

My husband, Leopold “Bong” Tirol is my best friend and best partner in life. He never fails to be sweet and caring and he still spoils me even after 18 years of being married. There are so many things that I love about him but to sum it all up, he is a great head of our family and father to our kids.

When it comes to raising our children, I’d like to think that my husband and I am are a good team. We’re also blessed to have very good nannies that have been with us since Sasha was a baby. We consider them as part of our family.

It sounds like your family’s really close..

We really love being around each other. I make sure that my kids can tell me anything and everything but at the same time, know their boundaries. We do a lot of activities together and we see to it that we eat at least one meal together and pray the rosary as a family every night. We think of Sunday as family days. When schedule permits, we schedule family trips so that we can make more memories together.  

Why is closeness important to you?

I came from a broken family. It’s why I’m very thankful and blessed to have a family this close right now. I also always tell my kids that it’s okay to fight with each other but they have to be there for each other no matter what happens. 


How did you get started in the business?

17 years ago, I actually used to own my own preschool. My husband and I moved to Boracay because of work, which is how my career as a wedding planner blossomed. We used to just have one wedding every six months and through time and through word of mouth, everything improved. 

I can attest that it is true when they say that when you love what you do, you will not feel like you are working at all. 

What do you love most about it?

I personally love weddings and events and it makes me happy to have visions and dreams come to life. It feels so rewarding to see my couples very happy on the day of their wedding and you really feel the all love!

What makes it challenging?

Our biggest challenge will always be the weather — it could really rain at any moment! I always make sure though that we give couples the best options and tell them to just enjoy the moment.

During the Boracay closure, we had to reschedule and rebook weddings. With the virus, there’s a lot of uncertainty. It’s tough!

What are you doing to pivot?

We are pivoting slowly but surely. Most of our couples are based abroad so we are blessed that they are moving the wedding rather than cancel. ONE MEGA also gave us the chance to be contributors for their online magazine so that has also been a platform for us to be able to still be floating amidst the pandemic. Weddings and events has slowly been coming back and we are busy with all the planning and execution of those. 


What was your most unique wedding yet?

We once had a mermaid wedding. She was the owner of the mermaid school here in Boracay and everyone in the wedding party marched as mermaids swam down the aisle!

Most over the top?

We had a wedding where we had about numerous sailboats that was just on the shore. They also had a massive setup which were really heavy on flowers and had a dragon boat as the entrance for the couple — it was amazing!

With so much happening in the world and a baby on the way, Amanda’s days are anything but dull. By the time weddings start picking up again in the near future (hopefully), she will be armed with a fresher take on things…and a new baby!

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