MIRA by RLC Residences: A Home for Modern Families

MIRA by RLC Residences offers accessibility and convenience that elevates your family’s standard of living.

Choosing a home is more than just finding a space to live in. It’s a long-term decision that should tick all the right boxes for the family. Think easy access to key establishments, plenty of space for the kids to bond and learn, and a safe and secure home for the family.

Understanding these fundamental needs — RLC Residences debuts MIRA, its latest family-centric home in Quezon City that is designed for the modern family.

Designed with your family’s future in mind

With amenities and upgraded home innovations, MIRA offers a balance between modern convenience and wholesome community living.

MIRA by RLC Residences

1. Accessibility and convenience

MIRA’s strategic location makes going to work easier, due to its proximity to business districts like Araneta and Eastwood, alongside the Metro Manila Subway and Skyway.

Universities and schools such as Ateneo De Manila University are just as accessible, while nearby groceries make buying essentials a breeze. Family-friendly restaurants and shops are also within reach for meals with loved ones.

2. Health and well-being come first

MIRA is near major hospitals like The Medical City, Quirino Memorial Medical Center, and St. Luke’s QC. Also, the development will have a clinic facility, which will soon offer health-related programs for families. 

3. Leisure spaces

Open spaces and indoor amenities foster growth, socialization, and well-being. This is why MIRA comes equipped with The Playground, indoor and outdoor fitness area, dance studio, pet park, pools, and glamping nooks.

Glamping nook from MIRA by RLC Residences

4. Smart home for smart families

MIRA stays ahead of the game with its smart home features. The main door is equipped with a smart lock for enhanced security — accessible via fingerprint, key card, phone app, or a mechanical key.

Inside, an audio-video intercom will be installed so parents can easily screen visitors. Each unit will also have smart lights, allowing residents to control their home lights through the smart panel or phone app when they’re out.

5. Hassle-free transactions

Managing a household and juggling day-to-day responsibilities can be challenging. That’s why MIRA makes home management more convenient through the myRLC Home app, available via Google Playstore and Apple AppStore.

With it, you can readily manage your home, pay your dues, and request permits — anytime and anywhere.

Playground in MIRA by RLC Residences

Family-oriented spaces can help you and your kids thrive!

What makes a house a home is the memories that fill its walls with laughter, love, and shared experiences. From the faded marks when measuring your children’s growth spurts to every artwork on display, and the subtle nicks and scratches accumulated over time, all these show the warmth of shared memories.

Because ultimately, it’s all about building a safe space for you and your family.

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MIRA by RLC Residences is located at Mirasol St, Brgy. San Roque, Quezon City, 1109 Metro Manila. Visit their website to know more.

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