Miriam Quiambao and family move to Boracay

Miriam, her husband Ardy Roberto, and their kids relocate to Boracay to experience a different life

Miriam Quiambao and her family bid the city life goodbye and has settled in Boracay. On February 12, the former beauty queen, author, and TV host posted photos on her social media accounts wherein the family hopped in a plane.

“Last Feb 10, Thursday, we finally took a flight to Boracay. After we have cleared the rented house and sent off all other remaining items, we took a van to the airport & rode a plane to Caticlan,” she wrote. ” There was a QR code setback at the airport which were eventually resolved, thank God! Finally, all seven of us took the journey on a plane, a shuttle, a boat, and a van to our new home. At the end of the day, staring at the Boracay sunset and witnessing how the kids are enjoying their new life on the island makes all the stress and struggles of the past weeks worth it.”

“Believing that the Lord has a great and wonderful purpose for us here, we look forward to living the island life for the rest of the year. One thing is for sure, this new chapter in the #RobertoFamilyAdventure is going to be the best year yet!” she added.

Settling in Boracay

In another post on Sunday, February 13, Miriam shared photos and videos of her family while walking at the beaches of Boracay.

“Morning walks are a constant with our family. On Day 2 of our stay in Boracay, walking by the beach is something new and exciting. Elijah says ‘Dada, I love the water! Dada, I love the beach! Mama, I feed the fish seaweed!’”

Miriam added that Elijah has been able to feel the water and that her other son Ziki loves “marinating his feet in the sand”

“These sensorial experiences not only help them with brain development but in this way, they also develop a love for nature. These activities introduce them to science (liquid and solids), geography (land vs the sea) and exposure to the sun & negative ions helps to boost immunity. Looking forward to enjoy more this for the rest of the year!”

When a follower asked why they decided to move to Boracay, Ardy said they will share about it in a vlog coming out soon on their YouTube channel.

Before the move, Miriam recovered from COVID-19.

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