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Miriam Quiambao, Sitti, and Troy Montero Share COVID-19 Experience

Troy, Sitti, and Miriam are among celebrities who have tested positive and have been isolated themselves from their families.

COVID-19 it seems won’t just go away. As the virus mutates from different variants, more celebrities have been getting the Omicron virus whether with symptoms or not. Although vaccinated and careful, Troy Montero, Sitti, and Miriam Quiambao still became positive but with mild symptoms. The challenge so far has been isolating themselves from their families or taking care of their kids who also caught the virus.

Miriam Quiambao

Since January 7, Miriam has been documenting and sharing her experience with COVID-19. In her first post, she shared that both her sons got sick and that one of her helpers have just recovered from the Omicron variant.

On January 16, she wrote that she also had COVID symptoms and was recovering.

“I was down for a few days with COVID then I had to take a break from social media posting and active scrolling because it was prayer and fasting week at our church last week,” she wrote.

“At first I wasn’t sure what it was because initially, I thought the fever was all part of the post-vax side effects… until I had the colds & sore throat and then I knew it wasn’t just the vax. Day 3, I tested positive on an antigen test and it somehow confirmed my fears.”

The former beauty queen and TV host said it was tough because her son was also sick. “It sure wasn’t easy coz prior to Day 3, I was nursing a fever while sleeping with Ziki who also developed a fever. I specifically remember having chills next to him and not having the energy to carry him,” she said.

“Well, I’m glad that’s all over now and I’m glad baby Ziki only developed mild symptoms. Same with Elijah and Josh.”

In her update on Tuesday, January 18, Miriam is still recovering with her son Elijah by her side.


The Bossa Nova singer shared on January 8 that it was her husband Joey Ramirez who first caught the virus and had to isolate himself from her and their kids.

On January 10, Sitti shared an update that Joey was finished with his quarantine and was able to take care of their kids. But on January 13, Sitti posted that she got the virus and had to isolate.

In an Instagram post on January 15, Sitti said that she’s thankful her two kids have no symptoms.

“Can’t say I’m not enjoying my isolation. This is the most time I’ve gotten to spend with Lucybubs; also, ngayon lang talaga ako tunay na nakapagpahinga (it’s only now I got to rest) since giving birth almost 4 months ago. Day 5 today. Lilibubs and Lucybubs still showing no symptoms so far. Thank You, Lord, for this time, for Your Grace, for Your healing and protection.”

Troy Montero

On Monday, January 16, Troy shared that he tested positive for the virus for both anti-gen and RT-PCR.

“After a positive Antigen test, I went straight to the garage to set up my little recovery camp while scheduling a RT-PCR test from @kolakerapp home service. This was always our plan if one of us caught the virus,” he said.

Troy said that some symptoms he developed include dry cough, fever, and splitting headache.

“I have been taking supplements & medicine for recovery and I am definitely feeling better. Symptoms are now quite mild on Day 4. I will continue my isolation until all COVID symptoms have passed. Then I’ll test again both RT-PCR & Antigen. By the way, I am fully vaccinated since last July. I was scheduled to have my booster this month.”

“Praying for the safety of my family as a watch them from a distance. Stay safe out there, get vaccinated, and please take care,” he said.

Hang in there…

As more celebrities like Mariam Quiambao, Troy Montero, and Sitti got hit, it looks like COVID-19’s still raring to go. The virus may not be disappearing anytime soon but things will get better very soon. As tiring it may sound, continue to follow the protocols such as washing hands, distancing, masking up, and going out when it’s only needed. The condition may not be as severe as before but it’s better to be safe than getting rushed to the hospital.

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