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“Kapit Lang”: More Filipino Celebrities Share their COVID-19 Experience

Celebrities Aga Muhlach, Charlene Gonzalez, Winwyn Marquez, and Pokwang share with their followers the experiences they went through while in isolation from the COVID-19.

COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the Philippines because of the Omicron variant. Despite following protocols, people including celebrities have been getting COVID-19 forcing them to quarantine or isolate wherever they are. Celebrities such as husband and wife Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez, soon-to-be-mom Winywyn Marquez, and comedian Pokwang share their experience and message to followers on social media.

Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez

Celebrities Aga and Charlene were in the US when they tested positive for COVID-19. The two were thankful to the health professionals who immediately took care of them.

On Instagram, Charlene wrote: “Thank God we are all fully vaccinated. Andres was with us during the holidays (he is fully vaccinated) and he isolated right away. Andres tested negative in his PCR test, has no symptoms, was cleared by the doctor, and was able to make it back to school safely in Spain. Andres is COVID-free.”

The former beauty queen and actress said that she started experiencing the symptoms around New Year’s Eve and immediately took the prescribed medicine. Aga, on the other hand, started getting symptoms after. They are now on the path to recovery and thanked everyone including her brother Richard Bonnin, his wife, and the other medical professionals who guided them.

“We will be back home as soon as we are cleared, recovered, and COVID-free. Sa lahat ng Mga kababayans natin. I pray for everyone’s safety & speedy recovery for all that may be going through the same experience. Praying for complete healing,” she said.

Aga shared on Instagram that he felt nothing but gratitude for those who helped his family recover.

“Nothing but gratitude for this group of Filipino Medical professionals for taking care of me and my wife fight COVID-19! Maraming Salamat doc @homer_t Mark Yu of @trinity_pharmacy and all your staff! It’s on and off this COVID-19 battle. Ingat tayong lahat.”


Celebrity Comedian Pokwang on Wednesday, January 12 shared a photo of herself in isolation. It’s unclear whether she tested positive for COVID-19 or not but has been getting a lot of sunlight to get better.

Dear Covid doo bee dap dap, eto ako nagpapaaraw para lumakas muli at makabawi, ika 6 days kona ng isolation buti nalang bakunado ako kaya kinaya kita ng bongga!” (Dear COVID, here I am getting some sunlight. It’s my sixth day of isolation. I’m just glad I was vaccinated that’s why I’m able to handle it.)

Sa mga tinamaan ni pareng COVD doo bee dap dap wag panghinaan ng loob lalo na kapag may pamilya tayong umaasa satin, Laban lang mga mahal ko. Dasal at tiwala lang kay God oki? Inom ng maraming tubig, vitamins i-doble, suob, wag na muna lalabas kung may nararamdaman na symptoms. Mag isolate agad agad. Oki kapit lang.”

(For those hit by COVID, don’t lose hope especially when you have a family to support. Continue to fight and have faith in God okay? Drink water, take your vitamins, and don’t go out if unnecessary especially when you have symptoms. Isolate immediately.)

Winwyn Marquez

Celebrity mom-to-be Winwyn, who is expecting a baby girl within the year said that fighting COVID-19 can be exhausting. Although she did not directly say she tested positive, she posted a photo of a purifier inside her room.

Nakakapagod pero laban lang and stay optimistic. I pray hindi lahat maka-experience nito and sa mga tinamaan ay sana lahat gumaling na,” the Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 titleholder wrote. “Lagi ko nga sinasabi sa sarili ko na all will be well and after nito mabibigyan lalo natin ng importance yung mga bagay na dati ay binabaliwala lang. Get vaccinated, drink your vitamins, mag mask, safely distance yourself from others, test agad at mag isolate pag may naramdaman and contact agad ng fam and ng doctor niyo.

(It’s tiring but continue to fight and stay optimistic. I pray that not everyone will experience this and for those who tested positive, I hope they all get well. I always tell myself that all will be well and this, we will give importance to things that we don’t pay attention to before. Get vaccinated, drink your vitamins, put your mask on, safely distance yourself from others, have yourself tested, and isolate immediately if you feel something. Also, contact your family and doctor.)

Just like our celebrities, get tested for COVID-19!

Although Omicron’s symptoms are not as bad as the previous variants, it’s very important that everyone should get tested if they ever had contact with those who may have tested positive for COVID-19. These celebs proved that anyone can get it and vaccines help in fighting COVID-19. Health has never been more important now and as soon as you get tested, you have already saved someone’s life.

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