Winwyn Marquez is Expecting Her First Child

The actress and beauty queen Winwyn Marquez confirms that she and her partner are going to be parents soon!

Actress and Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 Winwyn Marquez confirmed that she’s pregnant. On Saturday, December 18, Winwyn posted a video on her YouTube channel to confirm that she’s going to be a mom soon.

“I am so happy. Me and my partner, we’re both so happy,” she said. “My family, everyone super saya namin. We decided, me and my partner to share this wonderful news with you.”

“We’re over the moon. I am so excited for this part of our lives, for this chapter to start.”

She also said that the baby’s arrival is a good Christmas gift for their families.

Winywn declined to name or show her partner’s face. But she shared clips of her parents, actors Alma Moreno and Joey Marquez’s reactions upon hearing the news of her pregnancy. She also included snaps of the sonogram.

Winwyn Marquez sonogram
Screenshot from Winwyn Marquez YouTube

Away from the spotlight

In the description of the video, Winwyn explained why she chose to keep quiet about her pregnancy.

“I chose to keep quiet and not answer questions regarding this matter. I just wanted to enjoy it with my family and loved ones without other people dipping their toes into our business but there was still part of me that wants to share this wonderful news with my subscribers and supporters but I was undecided on when and how,” she said.

She said that her management understood her situation and allowed her to get some rest. Winwyn added that her body is also adjusting to the pregnancy.

“I am taking it day by day… Yes, there are still episodes of bad nausea, dizziness, and that I get tired easily but I always try to listen to my body (as my doctors have been telling me) – to avoid stress and make sure that I am in a safe environment and not push anything out of my limit.”

Winwyn said that she’s grateful to her partner for allowing her to share the news but also said they will keep a few things to themselves as well.

“I may not share much information about my pregnancy yet as I still want to keep some things private for us and I hope you understand. I want you all to know that I am super happy for this blessing at this special time in my life, I am still getting used to the changes in my body but I am excited that in a few months we will meet our little baby. Please pray for our little family and pray that everything will be safe.”

Congratulations Winwyn! We can’t wait to meet your baby soon.

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