Natural Beauty in Natural Light with This Foundation

NARS reveals their photochromic technology in their NARS reflecting light foundation and NARS reflecting setting powder to bring out natural beauty in natural light.

Natural beauty‘s always been the best but it can be pretty hard when there are just too many nudes to choose from. We end up wasting a lot of time testing all sorts of nudes against our skin tone, hoping to find the one. Sometimes, we have to mix several of them together to get the right shade. But NARS implemented a photochromic technology into their make-up. With the make-up adjusting the light, we spend less time retouching and more time enjoying photos.

Caring for one’s skin with make-up

After using make-up, we often apply a variety of products to make up for the damage. From moisturizers to creams, it would be nice to have some make-up that took care of one’s skin after use. NARS applied advanced skincare technology to their latest make-up selections to take care of one’s skin after use. The technology helps reduce the damage the skin takes after UV rays and repeated make-up use.

Besides encouraging natural beauty, it also encourages those who want something gentle for their skin. No parabens, alcohol, gluten — 81% of the mixture’s made of natural ingredients. It’s good for us who want to try on make-up that doesn’t make us bloom out with rashes and acne.

Natural lighting for the best look

Having make-up that adjusts to the natural light for you during a photoshoot or even when you’re taking photos lessens the stress. We won’t have to retouch, put on more make-up, or spend too much time taking a dozen photos just because the light’s off. It’ll probably lessen the amount of photography equipment needed since there’s no need for artificial light adjustments. It’ll clear the clutter from the make-up table too. NARS will be selling these new make-up pieces on Lazada (on March 10), Rustans, and even in SM Aura LOOK by April 1.

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