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One More Chance The Musical Digs Deeper Into Mental Health

The musical by PETA, based on the 2007 movie that starred John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo, gets deep into the issue of many kids and teens today: mental health.

We all know about One More Chance—the movie that became a blockbuster hit under the direction of Cathy Garcia and starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. It has become so memorable that it spawned a sequel, A Second Chance.

Popoy and Basha’s iconic lines have become part of pop culture. This year, PETA took the movie to another level, adapting it to a musical that opened last April 12.

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Same plot, but expanded

The storyline is the same. We see Popoy (Sam Concepcion) and Basha (Anna Luna) talking about their dream house. They plan to put it up once they establish a firm. Arguments between the two of them soon erupted with Popoy getting jealous after seeing Basha with another guy.

Enter the Thursday group. The groups consist of Kenneth, Krizzy, Anj, JP, and Chinno pacify the argument between the two. We then see that frustration between Popoy and Basha continue to escalate as Basha feels she always has to follow Popoy’s wishes and reminders.

Photo by Erickson Dela Cruz, courtesy of PETA

Then the break up happens. Basha tells Popoy she needs to find herself. She quits her job and does a sideline, where she meets Mark (Jay Gonzaga), who she finds out is an architect. They later forge a friendship.

Meanwhile, Popoy goes to a bar with some of the Thursday barkada and starts to drink heavily. We then meet Tricia (Sheena Bernardo), a singer. Popoy tries to hook up with her and she ends up slapping him.

One more chance the musical Kenneth, Krizzy, Anj, JP, and Chinno
Photo from PETA

In between Popoy and Basha’s break up, we also see moments from the Thursday barkada. We see how Kenneth and Krizzy try to make their relationship work despite the challenges of Kenneth’s blindness. Then there’s Chinno, who may be the jolly one but also faces problems with his parents’ separation and finding a partner.

Anj, meanwhile, had her moment about breaking her wedding, while JP has often been the mediator and later on, we discover that he has always been in love with Krizzy.

One More Chance the Musical

Photo from PETA

Mental health in the context of the musical

One scene that is familiar to all is when Popoy confronts Basha about Mark, telling her about the three-month rule of moving on. More than Basha trying to find herself, we see that Popoy succumbs to his anger, the vulnerability he tried to hold back when Basha left him.

We also see the familiar scene and one of the most iconic ones ever—Popoy telling Basha that Tricia was there for him at his worst, thus uttering the iconic line “She had me at my worst. You had me at my best at binaliwala mo ang lahat and chose to break my heart.”

We see other familiar scenes brought to life on stage with the help of the songs of the popular band Ben and Ben, whose music plays a pivotal role in the storyline.

One More Chance the Musical

Photo from PETA

More than the musical itself, we see the theme of mental health tackled deeply this time. It’s important that one sets boundaries and asserts it for themselves. This is something we see between Popoy and Basha. Popoy keeps on telling Basha what to do when she is never asked what she wants.

There is also anxiety in their relationship with responsibilities left and right on the couple, including the fear of failure.

One More Chance the Musical

Photo from PETA

Depression is also another issue that is seen in Chinno and Basha. Chinno tries to cope with the separation of his parents, as well as his failed relationship.

All of us can relate to the storyline

More than just being a cult film and now a musical, the storyline of One More Chance the Musical is relatable for all members of society. Mental health has become the main concern of today’s generation and parents should pay attention to it. Not all kids will be open, so it’s important to talk to them.

For kids having a hard time talking to their parents, you can always to your close friends—just like the Thursday barkada. Although they have their struggles, talking to friends is important. No one has to go through pain or challenges by themselves. With guidance and reminders, one can help.

One More Chance the Musical

Photo from PETA

One More Chance the Musical made sure to keep the storyline but at the same time focus on the issue at hand. Mental health is just like physical health. When it doesn’t function right, it prevents us from moving forward—emotionally, mentally, and physically.

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