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Operation: Condo Clean-Up is Now a Go!

Operation: Condo Clean-Up is now a go! RLC Residences‘s partnership with Humble Sustainability offers a more eco-friendly method to decluttering our condos.

We all hate clutter. All the more if we’re living in a condominium. Condominiums nowadays are pretty easy to fill up with all sorts of things. Especially since our kids are in homeschool, we’re prone to building up papers, books, and used items. But it’s why RLC Residences partnered up with Humble Sustainability. All of that to begin Operation: Condo Clean-Up!

What is Operation: Condo Clean-Up?

condo clean-up

RLC Residences wanted to make sure all the families that stayed with them didn’t have much clutter to deal with. A strong advocate against waste management, their partnership with Humble Sustainability aimed to help the residences recycle. Instead of the typical use-keep, or use-throw, RLC Residents can log into their accounts to have Humble Sustainability pick up their things.

Whether it’s books, clothes, or old things, Humble Sustainability has assigned several areas for drop off. Among all the RLC Residences, they’re available for The Sapphire Bloc, The Pearl Place, and Galleria Regency. They’ll expand to other RLC projects but if any of us are living in those spaces, we now have a better way to declutter.

Here’s a new eco-friendly way to declutter!

condo clean-up

We’re all trying to declutter our homes since we’ve been stuck in them for the last two years. For RLC residents, all they have to do to clean up their home is to log into their account, list down the stuff they want to give, and drop it off in the area. The best part is those who donated get cool perks. They can buy from their thrift store and get some good bargains. If you want to see if Humble Sustainability is available in your area, you can check out http://humblesustainability.com or their social media channels (@humblesustainability).

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