9 Pet Essentials for a Fur Parent’s Baby

Here are some essentials for our fur babies to make sure they stay nice and clean.

For millennials who choose not to have kids or even moms with fully grown kids, the next babies we dote on are our fur babies. There’s nothing like the unconditional love that a pet gives (even if cats sometimes give the stink-eye). And despite the mess, it’s hard for us to get mad at them. But just like babies, our fur babies need particular products since they have a bad habit of diving into dirt and licking themselves clean. So, here are some pet essentials (that are also eco-friendly!) for our fur babies.

1. Shampoo Bar

Fluffy Butt is known to provide all sorts of natural, lick-safe, and human-grade hygiene products for pets. Including shampoo bars! The Oat-So-Good shampoo bar works with dogs who have extremely sensitive skin and also helps their skin calm down. Additionally, it’s known to have anti-parasitic and moisturizing properties.

2. Paw Cleaners

Fur babies love the outside so it’s essential for any pet owner to have paw cleaners. Fluffy Butt’s Gross Buster uses micellar water (the same ingredient in face cleansers) and doesn’t leave any residue on the paws. This is especially useful for big dogs like Huskies, German Shepherds, and Labradors who don’t really fit in dog shoe sizes. Paw cleaners are a must for these dogs that love the outside.

3. Frozen Treats

Fur babies can suffer from a heatstroke even if they’re bred for Philippine weather. It’s good to keep a frozen treat or two in hand. Flat-faced dogs like Pugs and French Bulldogs, or dogs weighing more than 110 pounds like Saint Bernards are susceptible to heatstroke. Even cats can suffer from a heatstroke! A pupsicle or two ought to keep them cool in this heat.

4. Pee Pads and Wipes

The most annoying part of cleaning up after pets is when the smell of their urine is so acidic, you wonder if there’s something wrong with their diet. Unfortunately, some foods they eat can cause that acidic smell. The activated charcoal found in Pupaholic’s Pee Pads traps the acidic scent the same way a vacuum cleaner captures dust. For fluffy dogs, their wipes have aloe vera which is very soothing for their skin.

5. Waggle & Co.

One toy a day keeps a fur baby’s depression away! Although some of us would agree that pet toys are more for our amusement, having pet toys improves a fur baby’s cognitive function. Waggle & Co. has a variety that will keep pets occupied especially if they’re not allowed outside.

6. Pet Cakes

Celebrating a fur baby’s birthday is a must. Whole Pet Kitchen, being the first natural pet food and bakery, covers a variety of pet treats and cakes to make their day extra special. While a part of us knows that they can’t really tell the difference between a can of their usual wet food and cakes, it’s nice to spend a little extra on their birthday.

7. A Designated Vet

There’s an old saying that goes, “If you can’t afford a vet, don’t get a pet.” Having a designated vet especially from Luxuripets by Aivee makes it easier for all fur parents to keep track of their records. At the same time, it won’t stress out our fur babies every time we bring them to a new person. It’s kind of like how we have a designated pediatrician for our own kids.

8. Designated Groomers

Pets with long hair experience a lot of matting and shedding—which is bad for people who have asthma. Cats with long fur need constant grooming, which can be hard to do if you’re working eight hours a day. Collar and Comb focuses on a variety of grooming services including specific ones like the ever meticulous anti-flea and anti-tick bath.

9. Their Own Bowl

Pets always need their own bowl. And the material used matters! Studies have shown that stainless steel bowls are less prone to harboring bacteria in comparison to ceramic and plastic ones. Ollie Bowls has a double-wall stainless steel bowl for pets to make sure their food stays clean and at their preferred temperature.

Our pets’ essentials need to be the best

Our pets, unlike humans, can’t really communicate when something goes wrong. So it’s up to us to figure that out! Even vets have their own horror stories that some owners put aside going to the vet until it’s too late and the fur babies need to be put down. As their fur parents, we are their voice in a world that doesn’t speak their language—so that they can get the care they need.

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