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Pia and the Magalona Siblings Visit Francis Magalona’s Grave

The members of the Magalona clan pay a visit to the famous rapper Francis Magalona.

Visiting the grave of family members is never easy for those who are still living. Some are still grieving while others choose to live in their memory. 14 years have passed since the late Francis Magalona’s death to which Pia Magalona celebrates with both her children and her grandchildren. She posted on Instagram a picture of her posing with her family, captioning it, “Fourteen 🤍 Bless the man if his heart and his land are one. Three Stars & a Sun.”

Pia and the Magalona Siblings Visit Francis Magalona's Grave
From Left To Right (Standing): Elmo Magalona, Clara Magalona, Arkin Magalona, and Unna Lu
From Left to Right (Kneeling): Pia Magalona and Saab Magalona holding her two boys: Pancho and Vito
Source: Pia Magalona IG

Based on the photo, Elmo Magalona, Clara Magalona, Saab Magalona-Bacarro, Unna Lu, and Arkin Magalona accompanied Pia. All of whom became celebrities with their own merits.

Francis Magalona: A Man of Many Names

Francis Magalona’s work made a tremendous impact on the Filipino music industry, especially in the hip-hop and rap scene. Hailed as The Filipino King of Rap, he had other hobbies such as photography and dancing. His legacy lives on through FMCC (FrancisM Clothing Co.), his line of clothes which he sold in a store called 3 Stars & A Sun, and the Hearts Foundation which he established with Ely Buendia to help Filipino artists who have health and commercial concerns.

He’s not the only one they visited!

Besides the visit to celebrate his 14th death anniversary, Saab Magalona posted a photo of her boys staying with their Ate Luna Isabel, Pancho’s twin who sadly passed away because of health complications. Saab captured a picture of her boys spending their time on their graves, writing. “The boys seemed very clingy to their Ate Luna hehe,” she then adds, laughing. “And I’m sure pop is loving that his grandkids are dancing on his grave, proving that showmanship runs in the family😅🤣”

His memory lives on…

Francis Magalona’s memory lives in his grandkids and even his own children. After Jim posted a reel of Vito playing the drums, some even said that Vito may have gotten his grandfather’s knack for rhythm. Even Maxene Magalona recorded her rendition of Kaleidoscope World, in time for World Mental Health Day. But besides being a rapper who won the Filipinos’ hearts, he was a beloved father to the Magalona family.

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