WATCH: Vito Bacarro Drumming to the Beatles’ Tunes!

Celebrity dad Jim Bacarro posted an amazing reel of Vito keeping up with the rhythm to The Beatles’ Tunes.

When both parents are lead vocalists (not to mention their dad Jim Bacarro is a guitarist), you’d expect that either Pancho or Vito would follow suit. But much to the amazement of Jim, Vito’s got rhythm. He posted a reel of Vito drumming to the Beatles’ tunes while wearing soundproof headphones. “Also, he can barely hear the music itself through those headphones [the one Vito’s wearing] — proof that he knows the songs by heart,” he boasts.

Source: Jim Bacarro IG

Jim: “None of us are drummers!”

Drumming, for some, can be more demanding than other instruments. Drummers coordinate their hands and feet while setting up the rhythm for the rest of the band. But Vito seems to have an innate talent for it because Jim dropped that neither Saab nor he is a drummer. “It’s pretty crazy that neither of his parents plays the drums,” he admits.

Jim adds Vito played “seamlessly” to each song after just playing the record. Some even noted on the post that Vito has that same smirk Jim used to have when he was younger and still playing in the band.

Vito played along to the Beatles’ Taxman, A Little Help From My Friends, For No One, Got To Get You Into My Life, and Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

Vito’s Got Rhythm!

Traditionally, parents often choose piano or classical instruments for kids to learn to represent an orchestra. But it’s an understatement that drums can’t carry the orchestra either. With Vito learning the drums, he might even get interested in starting his own YouTube channel with many drum covers of different songs. Good job, Vito!

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