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Places Where You Can Order Custom Christmas Cards

Here are places that can add your personality to your custom Christmas cards!

Custom Christmas cards are the perfect spice to add for our gift designs; it shows the recipient that we went the extra mile to make them feel loved. It’s actually also quite a practice in the United States, wherein some families even take photos with all of them in matching festive outfits to be on the front of the card. Some print shops are even more extensive with personalizing their cards, allowing us to choose which material we want, if we want it embossed, if the design is hand-painted or digitally made, and a lot more! But we better start placing our orders now in these shops if we want to get our Christmas cards on time for the gift wrapping!

Places Where You Can Order Custom Christmas Cards

1. Papel et Al.

Papel et Al. specializes in all sorts of paper invitations, even creating custom bottle tags for the bottles of wine and spirits that we’re planning to gift our corporate or adult friends. From ang paos, envelopes, and even sticker papers, they offer a variety for parents depending on our gift-wrapping needs.

2. Papelmelroti

#SupportLocal this Christmas with Papemelroti since they offer nation-wide and international shipping! While their Christmas cards are already pre-designed, they offer personalization on other items such as Christmas ornaments, mugs, etc. They offer to design personalized monograms as well.

3. Pepa Prints

This Makati-based print shop offers both pre-set designs and custom Christmas cards and tags. While they have their preferred font styles, parents can also offer their own so long as its downloadable from What we love about Pepa Prints is that they already have set order amounts: 35, 70, and 105 which means we can bulk order for the next set of holidays. And if we’re not sure what goes into printing Christmas cards, they can advise and have limited edition sets to reduce the mental load.

4. Passion Prints PH

Although their November booking is already full, Passion Prints PH is opening slots for pre-orders for December. They offer both custom Christmas cards and tags in minimalist and maximalist designs, even designing cartoon-like sketches of the senders to make the card more playful in appearance. And in case we’re looking for corporate gifts, they also offer decals for glasses and other items.

5. Paper and Print by Unico

Besides custom and personalized Christmas cards, they also offer paint sets which any frustrated inner artist will appreciate. They appear to offer both digital and hand-painted designs for the cards, even opting for more modern designs.

Places Where You Can Order Custom Christmas Cards

Add a bit of your personal spice to custom Christmas cards!

While Hallmark Christmas cards are still cute, custom Christmas cards just hit differently because it shows that we put some thought into the design. Besides, by ordering in bulk and in a more generic design, we can use them also for other holidays. Time to make someone feel more loved this holiday season with a personalized and handwritten note inside our custom Christmas cards!

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