5 Reasons Why Parents Love this Heartfelt Christmas Story

All Christmas stories deserve to have a happy ending.

It’s sad to realize that whenever there’s a happy reunion, some need to either wear the proverbial horseshoe in their mouth or a mask. With the many expected unsolicited questions and advice, we usually attend these get-togethers with dread. But not all Christmas stories end that way. This video from Y.O.U Beauty opens that possibility:

Besides it showing the happy ending we all wish for, here are five other reasons why it’s melting parents’ and families’ hearts this Christmas.

1. It helps families see that there’s a better way to respond to mistakes.

Filipinos hate confrontation and usually meet it with a triggered violent reaction. But this Christmas story shows that dealing with one’s mistakes doesn’t need to be a big deal and we love that Y.O.U Beauty showed that gentle and compassionate response, especially between the Tita and her niece. It restores faith that the stereotypical, tactless Tita is capable of empathy, too.

2. A good reminder for us to enjoy the family we have, not the one we wish we had.

Everyone has an ideal family image but, not everyone shares it. Especially for those with families who are still conservative, it’s a struggle to keep up appearances. They live in fear that one tiny misstep — even if the holiday is as wholesome as Christmas — will merit shaming. But when dad accepted his son with a simple smiling, “I know,” we had to go through a few tissues.

3. It makes wanting “me time” okay.

While family reunions are meant to be enjoyed, they can be socially draining, too. Keeping appearances and social graces, remembering people’s names and faces (with some of us being so bad at it anyway), along with all the other Christmas parties we need to attend can rob us of our much-desired me time. When the younger sister acknowledged that her older sister needs some “me-time” in the Y.O.U Christmas story, that moment cheered up the introvert in us and shows parents the perspective that maybe their kids need time to charge their social batteries as well.

4. It reminds us that the spirit of giving lifts both parties.

Every Christmas story focuses on the spirit of giving, usually more on the expression and response of the recipient. But the video reminds us that giving also makes us feel good. It tells us that despite all the mistakes, failures, and parenting losses this year, there are things we can and do get right. And sometimes, all it takes is to make our loved ones happy by adhering to their simple request.

5. We love the honesty that comes with it.

Being candid isn’t easy, especially in the passionate Filipino culture. When we feel that everyone has hair-trigger-like tempers, it leaves us with the whole “atras-abante” of “should I or should I not?” about whether we should be open about our feelings and thoughts. If there’s one thing many of us probably want for Christmas, it’s unapologetic confidence in the form of a pill or potion that can help us get through the day. Or at least, through the reunion.

A christmas story by YOU Beauty

When YOU help others shine, YOU help yourself, too!

Every family has their Christmas story; some that have heartwarming endings and others that don’t. But this video restores our faith in humanity that it is a possibility. Christmas is a holiday that reminds families that while we can’t choose our families, we can choose how to love them. It’s a BeYOUtiful holiday to enjoy with our families. Let’s bask in it.

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