7 Princess Moments of Amari Sotto

As Gian and Joy Sotto’s unica hija recently celebrated her birthday, here are seven moments of Amari Sotto showing that she’s the family’s princess.

Although Amari Sotto celebrated her Cinderella-themed 7th birthday last week, that’s not to say she loses her position as the “princess” of Gian and Joy’s family. As the only daughter among several sons, she already has her own security entourage, like a princess. But this “princess” doesn’t just sit still and look pretty! Here are seven other princess moments of Amari.

1. Dancing with her 7 “Roses”

The tradition is “18 roses” in a lady’s debut, to thank the many men in her life. But Amari already has 7 out of the 18 in the form of her dad, Gian, her brothers: Hugo, Edrigu, Sandro, Rossano, and Domiku, and her grandfather: former senate president Tito Sotto. Joy even calls this moment “the highlight of her [Amari’s] birthday.”

2. Blackpink Concert escort: check!

What’s a princess born into a family of brothers to do when she simply must attend the Blackpink Concert? Bring her brothers as an escort of course! According to a source, some of the brothers needed to be “bribed” to escort her to her dream concert. Kudos to them!

3. Her time travel in fashion

Every princess becomes a fashion icon in her own right and Amari Sotto looks amazingly so, especially when she agreed to a photoshoot, showcasing the different fashion of women across time.

4. Singing an Aladdin song

Amari seems to be on her way to becoming a Disney princess as she sang a song from the latest version of Aladdin. She performed “Speechless” when she was just 6 years old, under the tutelage of voice coach Jade Riccio wearing the voice sake’s clothes: Princess Jasmine!

She also did Mulan’s signature song: Reflection.

5. Knowing how to rock a look

Every princess needs to know how to rock her looks and Amari does so with a casual shoot of all her outfits.

6. Sharing the magic of being a princess.

Disneyland is almost every kid’s dream. For boys, it’s to meet their superhero. But for the little girls, it’s to experience the magic and a princess is often generous with it. It was a surprise meet-up, according to Joy Sotto’s reel but, we’re sure Amari and Tali shared the Disney magic between them. They even twinned at some point during the trip!

7. Paying tribute to the other princesses and a queen before her.

A princess does not grow without having other princesses before her. Besides sporting many of her Disney-themed looks, she also has a lot to learn from her mom: Joy! They even twinned during Gian Sotto’s inauguration as vice mayor of Quezon City.

Happy Birthday, Amari!

As the “princess” of Gian and Joy Sotto’s family, Amari is definitely loved. Celebrity mom Joy Sotto even describes her as “someone they needed.” She writes, “When God formed you in my womb, he knew exactly what we needed…. someone who is, ‘kikay, funny, witty, talkative, sensitive but tough, creative, caring, loving, and sooo much more!'” Happy 7th birthday, Amari!

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