5 Reasons We Love TiliBolz and Pochola’s Bond

Here are some of the cutest moments shared with Pochola and TiliBolz that we love.

“A dog is every man’s best friend” and that saying holds true with Thylane Bolzico and the household’s favorite pooch: Pochola. The two always seem to be in cahoots with one another when it comes to turning the house upside down. And to celebrate International Dog Day, here are some wholesome reasons why we love these TiliBolz and Pochola moments.

The true bond between human and pet: sharing food

Even though Solenn was standing right in front of them, Tili wastes no time in picking up some of her food and feeding it to the hungry Pochola. According to both Nico and Solenn, this wasn’t the first time they did this either.

TiliBolz Pochola

Nobody does a “welcome home” greeting like Pochola and TiliBolz.

Although Pochola loves the rest of the family, there’s a special bond between Pochola and Tili that lights up the whole house. When the Heussaff-Bolzico household returned from their trip, Pochola was more than delighted to see her favorite hooman, Tili Bolzico again.

Both are still working on communication.

With TiliBolz still learning how to form full sentences, Pochola’s trying to figure out a new command, too. As far as Pochola is concerned, pata is food. Not “shake”.

TiliBolz Pochola

Pochola’s patience

Most dogs would get rattled with a bit of rough play but Pochola gladly lets TiliBolz have a bit of her “rough play”. Even if she doesn’t understand why Tili is asking her to clean.

They’re cosplay buddies!

Pets aren’t usually comfortable with costumes, especially when it’s around their necks and legs. Cats are often more vocal and expressive about that. But Pochola patiently takes on the role of playing the wolf while Tili Bolz is wondering why her grandmother has such big ears.

Tili Bolzico and Pochola play as Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf for Halloween
Source: Nico Bolzico

Happy International Dog Day: Celebrate Man’s Best Friend

Dogs, despite the training and housebreaking they need, will always be the loveable goof of families. Sometimes, it takes a few movies that get toddlers or kids wanting pets. But before getting a pet, make sure the house is ready to take in a lot of unconditional love and excitement. That’s what we’re sure TiliBolz and Pochola’s relationship always brings to the table.

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