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Remembering Kobe And Gianna Bryant

It’s been a year since the devastating accident and there’s still a Kobe and Gianna-shaped hole in our hearts

It’s no secret that the passing of Kobe and Gianna Bryant continues to haunt not only their family members but basketball fans the world over. The news of that fatal helicopter crash sent us reeling; a truly heartbreaking moment that would forever change the lives of the victim’s families. For many of us, it was a wakeup call to remind us just how fleeting life is, how we could lose everything we hold dear in just an instant.

Photography: @kobebryant via Instagram

To commemorate the one-year anniversary loss of her husband, Vanessa Bryant shared a heartfelt letter by Aubrey, one of Gianna’s best friends on Instagram.

“Thank you so much for beautifully sharing some of your memories with my Gigi with me and allowing me to share them here on my ig. My Gigi is INCREDIBLE and I truly appreciate your thoughtful letter. She loves you so much. I miss my baby girl and Kob-Kob so much, too.”

Kobe Bryant was a dedicated #girldad with four daughters. In her Instagram post, ESPN Sportscenter anchor Elle Duncan said that Kobe was all about his girls, claiming that he would have “five more girls” if he could! In fact, the doting dad was often seen with his girls in tow — whether en route to a basketball game or watching one court side.

Photography: Allen Berezovsky via Getty Images

On January 26, 2020, Kobe and Gianna passed away, along with Sarah and Payton Chester, Christina Mauser, John and Keri Altobelli and their daughter, Alyssa Altobelli in a helicopter crash. Kobe was 41 and Gianna was 13.

Losing a loved one — and in Vanessa Bryant’s case — loved ones is never easy. It is a rollercoaster ride of emotions and absolute emptiness. Vanessa Bryant says it best here:

“Grief is a messed up cluster of emotions. One day you’re in the moment laughing and the next day you don’t feel like being alive. I want to say this for people struggling with grief and heartbreaking loss. Find your reason to live. I know it’s hard. I look at my daughters and I try to push through that feeling for them. Death is guaranteed but living the rest of the day isn’t. Find your reason.”

Our thoughts and hearts are with the Bryant family, and all those who perished in the helicopter crash.

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