Saab Magalona and Pancho: Why Music Is The Language of Love

When words fail him, Pancho uses music to communicate with his mom, Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro.

When some kids can’t talk, we somehow end up thinking that they can’t understand us. But that’s far from the truth; they can and celebrity mom Saab has proven it. Open about Pancho’s progress on how he copes with Cerebral Palsy, Saab Magalona recently posted a video of the two of them dancing together, revealing how she learned how he understood her and Jim. “When Pancho was a baby, he didn’t look us in the eyes, didn’t smile at us, but it was when he would react to certain music and look for patterns in songs that we were able to communicate with him.”

Source: Saab Magalona IG

The cute dance video ends with a line from Saab: “What a long way we’ve come!”

When there are no words, there is music.

Pancho’s and Vito’s love for music isn’t just an inheritance from Jim Bacarro, Saab Magalona, and their grandfather, Francis Magalona. It’s also because music encourages brain development, especially when kids recognize, learn, and connect new ideas. The same concept applies when we use nursery rhymes to teach kids how to speak and understand the words. Music adds a smoothness that makes it more fun to understand compared to just talking.

Besides words, it teaches rhythm. With the mix of bass, tempo, silences, and rhythm, kids develop their innate hearing ability to recognize sounds, which is why many of us push our kids to learn piano. Besides it being something to brag about to the aunties and uncles, it improves their math skills. Dance does the same thing too and helps them burn that energy so they can sleep better.

When The Brain Can’t Express, The Heart Will

There’s an old saying that goes, “we sing because the heart is happy.” That’s exactly what happened to the little boy. Being so overjoyed, Pancho gave his mom, Saab Magalona, a big heartwarming kiss on the cheek. For parents who are still finding ways to communicate with their children, know that they understand you. And if all words fail, music won’t.


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