Sarah Genove-Yu: The Joys of Dried Flowers and Motherhood

Sarah Genove-Yu shares how the beauty of dried flowers and her getting ready to pass the crown to her baby girl are part of the joys of motherhood.

Fashionista mompreneur Sarah Genove-Yu always inspired others with her neutral chic OOTDs and dried floral arrangements. Just like how each of her OOTDs reflects her mood, her arrangements found on Pretty Withered have a strong personal story to them. She shares, “My inspiration in my designs is somewhat personal. For example, I started doing wedding bouquets when my best friend got engaged. I believe that styles always change or develop but just trust your instincts. If you want to try it out and practice, start with three types of flowers with neutral colors then explore from there.”

The Joy Found in the Language of the Withered Flowers

When Sarah Genove-Yu discovered their beauty abroad, she decided to share it with others in the Philippines through Pretty Withered. She reminisces, ” I discovered dried flowers because of their popularity in other countries. I wanted to have some in my home but couldn’t find stores that offer them here in the Philippines. That’s when I got the idea of starting a business with dried flowers.”

In its simplicity and beauty, a dried flower bouquet spoke a thousand words and emotions that withstood the test of time. The Pretty Withered founder shares, “It represents more. There is something amazing about the beauty of flowers and plants that are already withered and how much life they can bring to our homes. Imagine having something in the world that’s left and doesn’t need much caring, but is still there, withstanding, giving your home a little bit of joy.”

The Second Joy of Motherhood

Besides the beauty found in withered flowers sparking her joy, so did the news of her expecting a baby girl. After a failed IVF in 2020, Sarah Genove-Yu shares that things always had their perfect time. “We had high hopes and thought it would be easy since we already have one but we’re wrong. God will give it in His perfect time. When we got pregnant naturally, we were so excited for our whole family, especially Prince. He has been praying for this as well. A part of this pregnancy is for him, too. We want him to experience being an older brother and having a sibling— a friend for life!”

Just like how Prince would soon have a friend for life, her pregnancy journey would be a story she would always remember. “Although I had fewer pregnancy symptoms during my first pregnancy, I was more cautious since I was new at it. This time, I already have an idea of the dos and don’ts so I am more relaxed. But I am fussier and feeling the symptoms more. I realized that every pregnancy is different. What works before might not work now. You have to really pay attention, listen to your body, and provide what it needs.”

Confessions of a soon-to-be girl mom

Passing the crown and title “queen of the house” to her baby girl terrified but excited Sarah Genove-Yu. She shares, “We want to be sure that we will be able to teach her the right values and fulfill our role as her parents effectively. We are also so excited for her to experience all the things life has to offer.”

Among the things on Sarah’s bucket list are the moments when she and her daughter would start twinning. She laughs, “I have a lot on this bucket list! We have to start with twinning outfits! Kidding aside, since we love traveling, we want to travel with her and let her explore the world.”

Of Dried Flowers and Of Motherhood: Enjoying The Beauty Of It All

Besides her son and husband knowing that gifting her a bouquet of flowers will brighten up her day, so does changing up her fashion. “Let’s be honest, we don’t look like our IG photos most of the time. I have good days and bad days too,” Sarah Genove-Yu admits. “When I’m having a bad day, dressing up is my mood changer. I wear whatever I feel good in even if it shows my skin or my baby bump! It’s more me and I didn’t want to change my style just because I’m pregnant. If it makes you happy, you go girl! Wear that cute outfit! Being pregnant is one of the strongest points in a woman’s life, let’s celebrate every bit of it. Dress up, fix yourself, put on a smile, and take lots of photos!”

Although the pandemic challenges this mompreneur with the government’s ever-changing rules, Sarah Genove-Yu intends to always share the joy of flowers and motherhood to empower other moms to bloom amidst the hard times.

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