WATCH: Sesame Street Pays Tribute to Dads in Friends Parody Video

Elmo, Julia, Rosita, and Tamir together with their dads perform their own version of “I’ll Be There For You.”

In time for Father’s Day, Sesame Street’s beloved characters joined their dads in paying tribute to the special men in their lives. Elmo, Julia, Rosita, and Tamir, together with their dads sang their own version of “I’ll Be There For You,” the theme song of the hit show Friends.

In the video, all characters did the intro of the show sitting on the couch—with Elmo, Rosita, Julia, and Tamir donning umbrellas. Locations such as the Central Perk coffee shop were featured as well.

In addition, scenes include Elmo playing as his dad tries to put him to bed and Julia’s dad making her laugh.

Rosita and her dad briefly sang their own version of “Smelly Cat” as some grouches walked by with trash.

“Could there be any better than being a dad?” Tamir’s father asked as he switched off the light.

Sesame Street’s message to all dads

At the end of the video, a message was flashed for all fathers. “Fathers are forever our friends. To all the fathers and father figures raising amazing kids: thank you for being there.”

The video is part of Sesame Street’s partnership with Proctor and Gamble Company and Plan International, an organization dedicated to advancing children’s and girls’ rights worldwide.

This is not the first time the show has made parody videos. They have done several videos of hit songs such as Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” as well as “Despacito.”

Indeed, nothing compares to the love of the first man in a child’s life. Happy Father’s Day!

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