Spy X Family Movie Comes to the Philippines This 2024!

The beloved espionage anime series debuts its movie Spy x Family: Code White in the Philippines this 2024!

Espionage is a fun topic for many movies to play around with—with well-loved favorites like James Bond, Spy Kids, and more. Some of these films feature a family life suddenly turning into one full of spies and secrets.

However, in the Spy x Family movie, it’s the other way around! Being a family is part of the mission as the operative, Agent Twilight plays the role of psychiatrist and dad Loid Forger to maintain the peace by keeping an eye on a politician, Donovan Desmond.

What’s it all about?

The fun part about watching espionage movies for us is seeing normal people exhibit astonishing combat skills (yes, flips, sword slashing, and all) as they team up to save the day. But with Spy x Family, we have a spy (Loid Forger)—who is used to lying and figuring out people—constantly bewildered by his “daughter,” Anya, who also is a telepath.

And to make sure Anya has a mother, he marries Yor Forger out of convenience. While she looks like a typical and bumbling office clerk, she is actually the infamous assassin, Thorn Princess!

Did we forget to mention that their dog, Bond, also can see the future?

The irony of their entire arrangement is that both Yor and Loid need to emotionally distance themselves for the sake of their work. But how does one do that when the work needs it? Especially in the movie Spy x Family: Code White! When Loid (AKA Agent Twilight) discovers he’s about to be replaced, he makes one last-ditch effort by helping Anya win the cooking competition by creating the principal’s favorite recipe.

The hilarious efforts ensue while they soon discover that the competition has elements that could potentially threaten “world peace” (as Anya calls it), making them desperate to achieve both: win the school competition and maintain the peace!

Spy x Family: Code White‘s release date in the Philippines?

While the series continues into Season 2, Encore Pictures is scheduling the movie Spy x Family: Code White to come out on March 13, 2024, in the Philippines. But the interesting part about its release is that the day after its debut, the Japanese celebrate their traditional holiday known as White Day wherein men need to give their Valentine (should they receive a gift from them) something that’s three times the value.

For those who read the manga and follow the series, this is what we’ve been waiting for! Who knew that parenthood could confuse even the most talented of operatives?

Most likely, the movie will have accompanying subtitles since it will come out in Japanese. And to find out more about the movie, here’s the trailer to help hype things up.

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