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Sylvia Sanchez To Arjo’s Bashers: “Let’s Argue Face To Face”

Bashers ought to know that attacking Sylvia Sanchez’s son is the last thing they should do.

Bashing and criticism are nothing new for veteran actress and comedian Sylvia Sanchez. But for the bashers to go after her son, Arjo Atayde, is an entirely different story. Furious but chose not to respond to said bashers, Sylvia reveals in an interview that the bashers are accusing Arjo of using Maine Mendoza’s fame to get the votes. The two — Arjo Atayde and Maine Mendoza — have been together for the last three years.

Riding on Maine’s Coattails? Not a chance!

In an interview, Sylvia Sanchez reveals how the bashers think that Maine Mendoza’s fame is what’s going to get Arjo the votes as Quezon City’s representative. Maine Mendoza, who had become famous in 2015 and partnered up with Alden Richards, became one of Eat Bulaga’s darlings and her rise to fame made many of QC’s voters assume that was how Arjo was going to win.

“It hurts to know that’s what they think about us,” shares Sylvia during the interview. “They even say I’m using her! But the truth is, Arjo doesn’t even want to bring her out to campaign. He declared, “Ma, I want to win as Arjo Atayde and because the people believe in me.” I believe in Arjo too. He’s so protective of her!”

Photo from Maine Mendoza

Sylvia also revealed that Maine Mendoza had personally apologized to her for the mess her fame has caused. “She said, ‘Tita, I’m sorry.’ But I know it’s not her fault. She’s not the one bashing us. She’s not the one dragging our names into the mud, and she’s the one who believes us. We’re happy enough to know that,” shares Sylvia.

As for the bashers, the veteran actress and comedian only has one answer: confront face to face if they have a problem with it. Sylvia shares, “SocMed’s useless. They have no face. If they really want to argue about it, say it to our faces.”

Photo from Arjo Atayde

Never get a mom angry!

Sylvia Sanchez is highly supportive of Arjo and Maine’s relationship, which makes a lot of things easier for the two. There’s no better person than to have a very supportive mother or mother-in-law standing in one’s corner. Attacking a mom is one thing but bashing and bullying her babies is another. We know for a fact that if our own babies get hurt, the world will know the real meaning of “Hell hath no fury like a woman (or a mom) scorned”.

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