The 3 Cs of Mom’s Shoes: Class, Character, and Comfort

When it comes to mom’s shoes, it needs to match these three Cs to be the perfect footwear.

When we were young, we didn’t mind wearing shoes that would kill our feet. No matter how narrow it was or how high the heel was! But when we became mothers, that changed. We couldn’t wear our old heels because pregnancy made our feet swell and grow. Chasing children needed something lightweight and comfortable. But when we wanted to dress up for our Hen Parties, we couldn’t just use our favorite bedroom slippers (tempting as it was).

Just like a diamond has 4 Cs, a mom’s shoes have 3: classy, character, and comfort.


Gone are the days we’d stagger and stumble in 5-inch stilettos and squeeze our toes into those narrow, Italian leather, pumps. We’re no longer looking for something with skinny heels. If we’re going to make ourselves taller, we want something more comfortable that will allow us more balance. Fitflops always answered that with chunky heels and comfortable soles that take into consideration the shape of our feet.


As the old saying goes, “You can wear anything as long as you pair it with a nice pair of shoes.” When we choose shoes, we always look for that pair that screams our names and our character. Whether it’s the hardware (i.e. the metal bits for design) or the little beads and sequins sewn onto the thong of the sandal, our shoes need to have personality. Want to know how moms manage to rock that old white t-shirt and a pair of mom jeans or that plain linen dress? The secret is in the shoes.


We’re always preaching about classy fashion and yes, it applies to shoes, too. As much as a pair of snakeskin patterned flats or gladiator sandals look good, it’s chic but only for certain events. Classy for us is that it looks stylish, trendy, and elegant no matter what it’s mixed with. Whether it’s a good pair of slip-ons, boat shoes, or heels, it needs to be timeless and has to match with at least 80% of our wardrobe. Mom fashion means checking the ROI, too!

Check out the minimalist Autumn/Winter collection of Fitflops

Fitflops recently debuted their Autumn/Winter footwear in Mall of Asia. They have a wide selection of boots, boat shoes, slip-ons, and chunky heels. All of these are made of a material that doesn’t break easily and is comfortable for our constantly moving feet. Find your perfect Fitflop on their website and don’t forget to add to your cart!

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