The Adam Project: Will Kids Love The Movie?

Netflix’s latest movie — The Adam Project — with sci-fi elements helps parents and kids understand what being a family is.

Family drama isn’t easy especially when Time Travel’s involved. The Adam Project begins with Adam (starring Ryan Reynolds), a time traveler pilot who intends to return to the year 2018. Unfortunately, Time Travel has its rules and one of them messes him up, dropping him into the house of his 12-year-old self. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have much to work with and has to deal with issues he didn’t want to deal with.

Yet The Adam Project shows what it’s like to deal with it

As the movie progresses, the two Adams find themselves parenting each other. One tells him about the things he should enjoy while he still has it while the other pulls out feelings that need to be dealt with. Once the two meet the person they missed the most, they realize that Time’s something not to take lightly. While the reasons why they shouldn’t appear ethical, it’s also in breaking those reasons that they find the value of one another.

Kids will love the humor

Ryan Reynolds has always been a kid favorite with all his witty and breaking-the-fourth wall jokes. There are enough Easter eggs in that movie that the kids will recognize from his dialogue alone, making references to some of the movies he’s starred in. But our older kids will appreciate the casting of both Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner, making it look like a mini-reunion from their movie together: 13 going 30.

Unpacking Family Drama with Humor

Family drama’s usually swept under the rug because of all the pain that’s anticipated to come with it. But The Adam Project shows how it can be done with a sense of humor but at the same time, still staying in touch with reality. Many working parents might see themselves in Mark Ruffalo’s character. Single moms will see themselves in Jennifer Garner in her role as Ellie to raise 12-year-old Adam. But we’re sure that a lot of us will really see that there’s a good and positive way to unpack family drama. Minus the time travel, lasers, and explosions of course.

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