The New Dyson WashG1 Says No To Slipping At Home!

With the kids (and sometimes spouses) forgetting to wear their house slippers and pets stepping in everything as they all trot around the house, cleaning the floors may be such a drag to do but it’s a daily must. Especially when the floors are white, the dirt and stains are just too hard to ignore. However, with the new Dyson WashG1 — that time-consuming chore will not only be a lot easier to complete but, it might be a little more fun to do, too!

Meet the new cleaning tool against those stubborn and slippery stains!

While we don’t mind keeping the house tidy, it’s the freak accidents like glasses suddenly falling and spilling all over the floor that trigger us. We’re already trying to find all the little shards that could potentially cut or stab our families’ feet while also making sure the juice or milk doesn’t seep into the floorboards to attract ants.

But with the Dyson WashG1’s two highly absorbent counter-rotating rollers made up of microfibers and microfilaments, cleaning up those spills won’t be a problem. While the microfibers absorb the sugary liquid, the microfilaments pick up the little shards. And with its 1-litre clean-water tank, it can clean flooring up to 290m2!

The best part is that cleaning the device won’t be a problem with the Dyson WashG1’s new separation technology. Its durable extraction plates and secondary nylon-bristled inner brush bars segregate the dirty water and the debris through a mesh and eventually, into a removable tray for easy cleaning.

Plus, it is equipped with a more curved internal design, making it less prone to building up grime which means, we don’t have to keep opening it up just to scrub every little part to maintain it. Because let’s admit it — we don’t want cleaning tools that give us an additional thing to scrub until spotless.

While we can’t always stop accidents from happening, making sure the floor stays dry and clean gives us less to worry about. Cleaner and drier floors mean that our kids won’t be slipping around while falling hard on their behind on the cold hard tiles (which hurts a lot!) and our flooring material will last a lot longer. Besides, many homemakers want a cleaning tool that can deep clean certain aspects of their homes in one fell swoop.

Dyson, as a leading brand in cleaning implements and tools, has always been on our wishlist. Because with the new Dyson WashG1, our floors will now get the deep clean that we’ve been hoping to have done and assuage our worries about our kids running around the house barefoot!

While The Dyson WashG1 is not presently available in the Philippines, consumers who are interested to be among the first to learn about pricing and availability may sign up to be notified here. Visit www.dyson.ph to learn more or follow Dyson Philippines on Instagram or Facebook to receive the latest updates and details on the latest Dyson technology.’

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