8 Reasons Why You Need To Keep Your Kitchen Neat

Keeping your kitchen neat is just like keeping your work desk or office neat. We don’t want any accidents happening in the kitchen.

Because the pandemic has scared us back into our homes, we’re now on kitchen duty again. We’ll be bringing out our knives, pots, pans, and only we know how long it’s been since we’ve last cleaned them. There might be insects or frass or even wood shavings in our kitchen implements and no one wants to eat that! Besides that, there are 8 other good reasons why we need to keep our kitchens neat.

1. Prevents our drawers from jamming

Nothing annoys a stressed-out cooking mama than a jammed drawer. Jammed drawers happen because sometimes, people don’t store the cutlery properly. Some of the stuff like knives, spoons, serving spoons, ladles, and even whisks can get snagged because they’re just dumped inside! To avoid that, get your cutlery holder from Wilcon so it’s easier to figure out what’s a meat cleaver from a paring knife.

2. Keeps the moss away

One of the places we hate cleaning the most is under the sink. With all the water there, we can only imagine how much mold and mildew are built up underneath. But, it’s still space we can use if we get an undersink organizer. It also keeps the not-so-friendly chemicals away from our kids and pets. We can store our bleach, detergent, liquid Sosa, or whatever we use to clean the sink in there. So when the time comes to clean the sink, we’ve got an Undersink Organizer presenting all our tools to get rid of that disgusting mold and mildew.


3. Our kitchen workstations will have space!

Even our kitchens have workstations! We always have a specific table where we do all our chopping, dumping all the leftovers, sorting the groceries, etc. This is what getting dish racks, can organizers, storage baskets, and even seasoning racks are for. All the little cans and seasonings can be stashed away on a rack so it keeps our kitchen workstations neat and tidy. And, if you’re done washing up some plates after using them, the dish racks can help them air dry so they won’t build up mold and mildew when stored away.

4. So we can actually find things despite our panic

When we’re cooking, sometimes, we’re so stressed that we forget where everything is. We sometimes even forget where we placed the can of mushrooms we’re going to use only to find out it’s buried deep in the pantry. Having a pantry organizer cuts the time spent panicking and it’ll prevent our precious ingredients from being neglected. It also keeps our ingredients within our line of vision so that we don’t end up overstocking. Wilcon’s got a nice Storage Trolley which you can roll around and a 5-level pantry organizer which we can hang on the door.

5. Easier time recycling things

Plastic bags are one of the things we like recycling the most. We use them for our trashcans, our juicers to catch the pulp, wrapping up frozen goodies so they don’t leak, etc. Having a plastic bag saver helps maintain all of them instead of just shoving them into the kitchen cabinets, causing a bigger mess. Best to buy three and label them based on their size so it’s easier for you to figure out what you need when you’re packing stuff away.

6. So our food doesn’t spoil!

The biggest culprit in food spoilage is because, someway, somehow, food ends up mixing together. Our soy sauce suddenly tastes like BBQ sauce or our Lemons suddenly taste salty because cheese froze on top of it. Buying fridge bins help keep food from mixing with one another. And for dry food or food that doesn’t do well in refrigerators, there’s a bread box in Wilcon that keeps it nice, fresh, and away from all the COVID-19 in the air.

7. We’ll have a better appetite

Especially if we’re usually eating in the kitchen, it’s a must to keep the place neat. Nobody wants to eat in a dirty kitchen! But it’s sometimes such a hassle to bring out all the serving plates and condiment bowls that we’ve received as wedding gifts from X amount of years ago. That’s why the new serving bowls and condiment bowls come with partitions so we can serve three different dishes in one bowl. Plus, it’s less washing. What are 3 serving plates compared to Wilcon’s 1 with 3 partitions for three kinds of food? It’s a lot less washing, that’s for sure!

8. Less clutter means more circulation

The kitchen’s one of the places that demand circulation. If all the humid air’s trapped inside, your food’s more prone to spoiling. Plus, if there’s a gas leak, that’s going to start a fire! We sometimes don’t realize it but as our kitchen tools and ingredients pile up, the less circulation there is. If you’re a cooking family, it’s good to have the air circulate so that the moisture doesn’t rot the wooden cabinets.

Let Wilcon address all your kitchen sorting needs

Wilcon’s there to address all your home needs. From storage items, tools, kitchen sorting gizmos, and DIY kits, Wilcon‘s got an online shop with all their available storage merchandise. If you’re not comfortable doing online, they have 73 stores across the Philippines. So, we’re sure they can deliver to your house at any point. They also accept contactless payments so you don’t have to worry about giving large amounts of cold hard cash.

For more information about Wilcon’s housewares offerings, they have a Facebook and Instagram we can follow. Subscribe and connect with them on Viber Community, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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