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3 Simple Ways To Keep The Holidays Safe and Clean

When we spend the holidays together, make sure everything’s safe and clean to keep COVID-19 away.

We’re all hyped up to celebrate Christmas with it around the corner. Ordering party trays, last-minute gift buying for our toddlers, dads, teens, and other loved ones, setting up the house — there’s certainly a lot to do! Unfortunately, amidst all the logistical chaos, we sometimes forget to stay clean. We end up running out of our Sanicare wet wipes, alcohol, and a variety of cleaning things. But not to worry, here are a few ways to keep the holidays safe and clean with Sanicare.

1. Keep alcohol or any anti-bacterial products within line of sight

We don’t know where everybody came from and it won’t hurt to ask them to clean their hands. Besides, it’s good manners especially if you have kids who are immunocompromised. We don’t want our kids to spend Christmas trapped in a room and lay sick in bed. They’ll want to meet their relatives who they haven’t seen in a while, which is why having some Sanicare wet wipes or alcohol to wipe up the tables is one way to keep things safe and clean. The best part is, it’s been tested dermatologically so there’s nothing to worry about.

2. Position your alcohol sprays and cleansing items near entry points

Each room has a different environment which means different bacteria. It might be a bit funny to have two spray guns filled with Sanicare alcohol and hand sanitizer at each entry point but it keeps things clean. By constantly disinfecting, we’d be keeping the chances of getting COVID-19 or bacterial infection down. We may have lower cases now but that doesn’t mean we should let up.

3. Always make sure you have a cleaning kit in hand

Whether it’s your own or our kids’, it’s always important to have a cleaning kit on hand. We’re all geared up in bringing our kids out but that doesn’t mean we should go out unprepared. Having a kit filled with Sanicare wet wipes, hand sanitizer, alcohol spray, and every other disinfecting material we’re used to keeps our kids safe. Especially when we want to bring them to Enchanted Kingdom or someplace else, it’s good to have a cleaning care kit.

Unusual habits but get some Sanicare to keep our kids safe

We want to keep our kids safe during the holidays and that means keeping things clean. Other parents who have immunocompromised children are already masters of quarantine and this isn’t new for them. We’ll need to resupply or just get some extra disinfectants just in case. Sanicare has its products on their website and Lazada Mall if you want to restock. Don’t forget to follow their FB, Instagram, and YouTube for more of their announcements!

Looking for more ways to stay safe during the holidays? Check it out here!

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