7 Tips to Childproof Your Home During a Pandemic

Our health is important but keeping the kids safe is also a must!

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us realize the importance of our health and safety. It has also given us a chance to connect and bond with family and kids while they adjust to the new normal. But the adjustment also forced parents and kids to compromise their home spaces. Work stations and other areas adults used must now have to be tweaked to accommodate children’s habits such as sleeping or playing. It has become a challenge for families to maintain the safety of their members but also give them privacy. Maintaining health protocols and being child-friendly in the home is now part of the new setup. So how can one maintain safe but also keep the area conducive for children? Here are some tips on how to childproof your home.

Tips to Childproof Your Home

1. Store chemicals in places kids cannot reach or open

tips to childproof home

One of the main concerns especially for young kids is that they will touch or taste anything. Make sure chemicals such as insect sprays and detergents are kept away in cabinets that they cannot reach.

If you have cabinets that are child-locked, then that’s better so they cannot open it.

2. Put socket covers on electrical outlets 

tips to childproof home

If you’re not using your electrical outlets, make sure to unplug them or put socket covers. The last thing we need is to get our kids or toddlers electrocuted.

You can also explain to your kids to unplug the wires of their gadgets if they are not using them. That way, they know that they are also conserving energy and avoiding accidents.

3. Keep heavy exercise equipment away from kids

tips to childproof home

A lot of parents have been doing their exercises at home these days and bought heavy equipment such as kettlebells and dumbbells. Make sure to store equipment away from the kids who might end up playing it. The last thing you want is an accident and to bring your child to the hospital because of a broken toe or finger.

4. Install childproof doors in critical areas

tips to childproof home

The staircase is one of the areas that can cause accidents for kids and adults alike. Try installing a staircase door so that it can prevent kids from accidents or falls.

Make sure that carpets are placed correctly to avoid slips. Check for loose floorboards and tiles and fix them immediately.

5.  Check and disinfect furniture

Furniture must be cleaned as much as possible because dust can cause allergies to kids. You can vacuum it or clean it with regular soap and water then dry it after.

Aside from cleaning, make sure that sharp objects are not within the reach of kids. Cover them or store them inside cabinets. Make sure to secure big items close to the walls or put up a secure fence in areas to avoid incidents.

6.  Accompany kids inside the bathroom

Parents should accompany their young kids inside the bathroom when they are taking a bath. The bathroom can also be dangerous if you leave your kids inside the bathtub by themselves.

Once you’re done bathing your kids, mop the floor to avoid slips. Make sure that you close your water heater properly as well.

Moreover, don’t forget to keep your kids away from areas that collect still water. It could be a breeding ground for bacteria and mosquitoes that might harm them.

7. Maintain a clean house all the time

It’s very important that you keep your house clean and tidy all the time. This is one way of keeping your children and family members healthy and safe from diseases.

Make sure to practice basic hygiene. Shower immediately if you come from outside or spray some alcohol on your hands before touching anything.

These are just some of many tips out there that can help you childproof your home during the pandemic. Now more than ever, their safety (and yours) is important because the virus can just strike anytime.

7 Tips to Childproof Your Home During a Pandemic

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