The Perfect Getaways for Families

For many modern parents, the perfect getaway lets the family escape the hustle and bustle of the city without having to venture far. Marie Field Faith shares her latest destination finds.

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While families will have their go-to places for long weekends and summer holidays, it is always exciting and fascinating to discover new and off-the-beaten paths just outside Metro Manila. From sandy beaches, thrill-filled campsites to peaceful retreats, there is something for every family adventure.

Cactus and Tides, Zambales

Summer Getaways for Families Cactus and Tides, Zambales

For beach getaways and sun-kissed tans

We are always searching for that beachfront villa that we can call our home away from home. This, while relishing our carefree days, soaking in the sun. Just a four-hour drive away from Manila in the quiet town of Botolan, Zambales, you can find Cactus and Tides. This Tulum-inspired beachfront two-level villa celebrates the laid-back lifestyle of tropical living. With raw yet refined interiors, it features arched windows and nude-washed walls to create a lived-in, easygoing vibe.

Filled with organic decor and natural weaves, Cactus and Tides beckons its guests to go barefoot and explore its interiors with eagerness and playfulness. These include large and fluffy beds laid out with piles of soft cushions and pillows. And each room designed with minimal fuss. Come sundown, its staff would lay out a private beach setup for you to watch the sunset while sipping a glass of champagne and breathing in the invigorating sea breeze you have been craving for so long.

Learn more about Cactus and Tides at @cactusandtides.

Yugto Campvile, Tanay Rizal

Summer Getaways for Families Yugto Campvile, Tanay Rizal

Off-the-grid camping adventures

When your kid yells, “Let’s go camping!” you know it’s bound to be a fun time.

Yet there are those moments when you don’t want to commit to all the preparation. Not to mention, the amount of gear involved. You simply wish to jump straight into a tent that’s waiting for you. This is why Yugto Campville, one of the newest and most popular camping spots in Tanay, Rizal, makes for an ideal family-friendly and barkada camping trip. This campsite features Nature Hike cotton canvas tents ready for their guests. And they are situated in elevated bamboo platforms that exude safari glamping vibes.

No need to rough it out as each tent comes with comfortable bedding, linens, and pillows. It also includes battery-operated fans for their guests. Plus, the option to rent the whole place privately. Which is what we did to really enjoy the views and experience the nature surrounding us. It is pet-friendly, too, making it ideal for campers who don’t want to leave their furbabies at home.

Yugto Campville completes the camping experience with comfortable facilities for guests to do their
own cooking. They are equipped with camping cookware, a charcoal barbecue grill, and a bonfire on a hill so kids can grill their s’mores in style. As an off-grid campsite, Yugto Campville is powered by solar energy, providing stations for charging your mobile devices. The campsite is elevated, therefore you will have a fill of constant breeze, a great way to cool down and enjoy the outdoors despite the summer heat.

For more details about Yugto Campville, check them out at for families and @yugtocampville

Villa Bautista, a nearby spa retreat

Summer Getaways for Families Villa Bautista, a nearby spa retreat

Nestled in the midst of the golden rice fields of Baliuag, Bulacan is a private resort and spa that
feels like you are thousands of miles away from the city. Actually, Villa Bautista is just a short drive from Manila. It is the hidden gem of this quiet and sleepy residential town. But the moment you set foot on
the property, you will be instantly transported to a tropical getaway. Villa Bautista created this sanctuary in the middle of a Bulacan rice farm to offer guests the rest and relaxation they crave while being only a stone’s throw away from the city.

Villa 2 is Villa Bautista’s newest addition to its private resort and spa. It is a three-storey villa that you can privately rent for your family or group. Single and couple accommodations are also available for some much-needed me-time or quality time with your loved one. Villa Bautista also comes with a dedicated spa room, complete with a shower and sauna, that also offers guests relaxing massages during their stay. You can also go for a complete pampering experience with a foot spa—complete with a mani-pedi.

To experience Villa Bautista, find them at @myvillabautista

Coi, Calaca, Batangas

Summer Getaways for Families Coi, Calaca, Batangas

Finding Japan

Tucked away in Calaca, Batangas is Coi, a newly developed getaway featuring Japanese-inspired yin and yang villas. Originally intended as a private hideaway, Coi has recently accepted guests to experience their authentic Japanese staycation. A welcome respite from the weariness of city hustle, Coi embraces you with its closeness to nature and allows you to dwell in their villas with a sense of serenity and calm. Perched right at the sweet spot that provides the perfect vantage point for Mount Batulao, Coi is a modern Japanese villa offering private staycations. With a zen garden, a koi pond, massage room, and mountain views, it is poised to be a favorite destination for city folks needing respite and a renewed perspective in life.

At Coi, you can indulge in their Ryokan Experience with overnight accommodations at the Master’s Suite and enjoy a 60-minute Zen Bodywork Signature Massage, followed by a Japanese-inspired Teishoku set dinner. Relax in the pool for a late afternoon dip as you watch the skies change colors, from warm orange hues to the evening’s muted blues and grays.

Learn more about this Japanese-inspired hideaway at @coi.ph

Open House Cavite

Summer Getaways for Families Open House Cavite

Merging Architecture and Nature

There are several new staycation places emerging in Cavite, but none comes close to the experience at
Open House. Developed by a team of architects and interior designers, Open House goes beyond the typical transient house. Its innovative design and building materials ensure harmony between nature and the community around them. Situated in the middle of a vibrant pineapple farm, Open House stands out because it is calm and inviting, as if it has always been part of the land.

Bringing people together to share the free-spirited way of living at Open House is the core of this newest private staycation rental in Alfonso, Cavite. This modern architectural home was built with close attention to sustainability and the comfort of its dwellers.

With its vast and lush lawn, it’s perfect for playing games, pitching tents or just enjoying a picnic. Open House is a nearby destination from the city, offering not just an escape, but
a glimpse into slow living – something parents always long for.

Brimming with greens, they also managed to add a small vegetable and fruit garden where you can pick lettuce leaves and fresh strawberries. Herbs grow voraciously in their garden, so you can indulge in their tarragon mint juice, make some cocktails with their rosemary and cook to your heart’s content with their selection of fresh herbs.

The main living area opens completely up to the outdoor pool and garden. They also have indoor and al fresco dining areas, so you can dine outdoors with family or friends or have a quiet dinner inside with loved ones. Aside from pre-ordering your meals, their in-house chef can also prepare
all your dishes during your stay — an ideal choice for guests who prefer not to cook.

To learn more about Open House, head on to @experience.open

With the rise of private villas, and BnB homes opening up near the city, more out-of-town options for staycations are becoming available for parents and families. And the best part is the short drive. Follow @mariesdiscoveries.ph for more staycation ideas

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