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10 Mountain Resort Getaways for a Family Vacation within Luzon

Not one to go on a beach vacation? Maybe a mountain resort might be better for you and your family!

While it’s nice to swim and have sun-kissed skin, some of us might prefer the serene sight of the horizon on top of a mountain. Many families prefer surrounding themselves with nature instead. Seeing trees that cool the air and hiking to see the harmony of wildlife is their cup of tea. And if this is yours as well, here are mountain resort getaways you can take your family to!

Nauvoo Farm Resort

Location: Orchard Village, Barangay Ayala, Magalang, Pampanga

Nestling at the foot of Mount Arayat, Nauvoo Farm Resort is also a popular pilgrimage destination. This is because it’s right near the Banal na Bundok. Besides the usual amenities such as a pool, Nauvoo Farm Resort lets its guests interact with the many farmers harvesting bananas and mangos. Plus, they can take a short hiking trip up Mount Arayat to admire the sunrise and sunset.

To reserve or book a space, check out their website here.

Altezza Cabins

Location: Orchard Village, Barangay Ayala, Magalang, Pampanga

A small cabin in the middle of the hilly forest, Altezza Cabin is where to bring your family for a whole nature experience. They have loft cabins with high ceilings made of furnished wood along with some smaller ones that are perfect for photo shoots. They even have a campfire for those who would like to roast some marshmallows with the kids. And if there’s a need for a coffee fix, Altezza Cabins has Peaks Café, truly justifying its mark for being “paradise on Earth.”

The rates for the loft cabins are PHP9,599+ per night. You can message their FB for more details.

Sagada Blue Mountain Cabins

Location: Sagada, Mountain Province

When one decides that they want to travel beyond the roads of Baguio, make your way to the Sagada Blue Mountain Cabins. Its name comes from the unique color of the soil found in the mountains, which can take away your attention if you’re not careful! Moreover, they have a campfire and a pool to relax after a long hiking trek.

For more details, you can message their FB page!

Kanip-aw Pines Lodge

Location: Sagada, Mountain Province

If you’re looking for a mountain resort that truly welcomes you like a home in nature then, take a trip to the Kanip-aw Pines Lodge. Hidden from the main road, the Kanip-aw Pines Lodge is the place where you’ll truly have a chance to speak and learn among the locals. The natives will be more than happy to bring you to the ever-famous Sagada Brew Cafe.

For more details, visit their FB page.

The Shire of Sagada

Location: Sagada, Mountain Province

Live your Tolkien-inspired dreams at The Shire of Sagada. You’ll be surrounded by nature with homey cabins that welcome you more than Bilbo Baggins ever would. Each room varies in price because the view varies. Some of the rooms give a wonderful garden view while others allow you to look in awe at the mountains that protect many Filipinos from typhoons and landslides.

For more information or if you’re ready to book, check them out here.

Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort

Photo Source: wonderingwanderer

Location: Tanay, Rizal

If you wish to see why everyone’s truly clamoring for the Sierra Madre Mountain Range to be preserved then, visit the Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort. There, you and your family will get to immerse yourselves in all her natural beauty with the trees, the view of the mountain range, and an occasional visitor of harmless animals. They have a few rooms at the hotel. However, they also rent out cabins for a more private and intimate experience.

For more information, you can call up their number: (02) 8475 7320.

Sagada Green Hills Lodge and Hotel

Location: Sagada, Mountain Province

Situated near many of Sagada’s tourist spots, the Sagada Green Hills Lodge and Hotel is famous for being kid-friendly. They offer more independent living as some of the cabins have a personal kitchen where one can cook their own food. Some of the lodges also have fire pits! These are perfect for roasting goodies and taking in the beauty of the mountains.

You can find out more about them here.

Taal Vista Hotel

Location: Tagaytay, Cavite

One of the more famous mountain resorts and hotels, Taal Vista Hotel allows many of its inhabitants and families a view of the smallest volcano in the Philippines: Taal. The view of both the smallest volcano and its lake is a breathtaking sight that can be enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate.

For more about Taal Vista, check them out here.

La View Mountain Resort

Location: Real, Quezon

Considered a good place to get away from cyber life, the La View Mountain Resort has several amenities. It includes a pool that gives you a beautiful view of the mountains. Their food fare is simple and inclusive of a lot of homemade delights. But what they offer is a beautiful space surrounded by trees in the different lodges.

If you want to find more about them, you can call them at 0938 841 1562.

Neverland Mountain Resort in Asin Hot Springs

Location: Asin, Tuba, Benguet, Baguio City

Although not as fancy and as old as the heritage hotels like Baguio Country Club, the Neverland Mountain Resort in Asin Hot Springs is a pool-filled resort that allows you to watch the golden sunsets from above. It may be a bit out of the way but, the Neverland Mountain Resort allows its visitors to relish in the beautiful and lush forests that the city can never offer.

You can check out their website for reservations.

There are more mountain resorts than just Tagaytay and Baguio!

Tagaytay and Baguio have always been our go-to spots for mountain resorts. But doing so sometimes doesn’t let us experience lush greenery. Some of these may be a bit out of the way or not your typical hotel service. But, these places will show you views of the Philippines’ mountainous beauty that you’ve never seen before.

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