What You Need To Know About the 2022 Metro Manila Pride March

After two years of online celebration, the Metro Manila Pride March is back with a lot of activities to celebrate with the LGBTQ+ community.

June is Pride month and after two years of online celebration, members of the LGBTQ+ community are set to march once again physically and celebrate this June 25. Members of the community will join friends and members to call for equality during the Pride March 2022.

The Metro Manila Pride, a non-government organization, has been announcing various activities in the past few weeks for the main event. Here’s what to expect from this year’s celebration.

The Host City of the 2022 Pride March

For this year’s Pride March Celebration, Pasay City will be hosting the event at the CCP Open Grounds. Admission is free and activities will start at 10 in the morning.

Pride March 2022 Theme

This year, the Metro Manila Pride not only continues to call for equality for the community but the protection and importance of history. Hence, this year’s theme is “#AtinAngKulayaan! Makibeki Ngayon, Bawiin ang Panahon!”

In their statement, the group said that as people in power try to change history to suit their image, they join the nation in fighting for the country’s future despite the odds.

Pilit man nila tayong patahimikin at pilit man nilang burahin ang ating kasaysayan, patuloy tayong mananaig at magwawagi. Papalayain natin ang ating mga kulay.

Food and merchandise will be available

Aside from the main event, the Metro Manila Pride is also an opportunity for LGBTQ+-owned businesses and other organizations to promote their products and causes. Check out more details to get involved through the Metro Manila Pride social media accounts.

So many activities until end of June

Throughout the month of June, various activities have been announced. Aside from the formal event on June 25, other activities are film showing and fairs. For more details, you may click the list of activities.

Happy Pride Month

As we celebrate Pride with our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters, may we learn to be true allies in their fight for equality. May we use our voices and platforms right and help them attain the respect they longed for—especially with the most important core in their lives: their families.

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