Meet Ricky Zoom: The Rescue Bike That Kids Will Love and Learn From

Ricky Zoom and his friends’ adventures will teach pre-school kids a lot of lessons!

Since the pandemic forced everyone to stay home, children consume more screen time—making it hard to get them away from it. There are a lot of cartoons shown on television but parents these days have become selective of the shows their kids watch. They look for shows that can teach their children but also entertain them. Ricky Zoom, a show on Nickelodeon, is the latest show that kids have been tuning into. Since airing in 2019, it has attracted a lot of attention worldwide—thanks to Ricky and his friends’ adventures.

Why should kids watch Ricky Zoom? Here are a few reasons:

1. Promoting Independence

ricky zoom

Ricky Zoom and his friends Loop, DJ, and Scootio love adventures. As they go around the town of Wheelford, they meet new bikes with different personalities and go through challenges. All of the bikes themselves have strengths and weaknesses that will be tackled in episodes—teaching children different values.

2. Critical Thinking

ricky zoom

The show covers different problems every episode. Ricky Zoom and his friends work together in solving the problems and also help out each other when trouble arises. With help from other characters, the group is encouraged to think about their course of action and later on serve as a lesson in the experience.

3. Family

ricky zoom

Ricky and his friends are not just buddies—they are like family. All of their family members also make appearances on the show, with each of the characters and their families exploring different situations and communicating with each other. The families of the Bike Buddies, as they are called, offer them advice and important life lessons as well.

4. Creativity

ricky zoom

As young bikes, Ricky and his friends are faced with conventional situations. They then think of solutions to the problems—sometimes making them think out of the box in dealing with it.

5. Teamwork

Ricky and his friends face a lot of different situations and this makes them work as a team together. Teamwork is very important in solving problems among each other. Their different personalities also make each other respect one another’s feelings and motivate them to do better.

Ricky Zoom and the Power of Values

Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Boy Sotto watching Ricky Zoom with their children.

It may be a challenge to get your children away from the screen but if they do watch TV, make sure to tune them to a show that has values, which they will bring with them when it comes to interacting in the outside world.

Ricky Zoom is shown onNickelodeon at 11 am on weekdays.

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