What We Need To Know About Pinkfong

Another cute toon for our kids to watch! Pinkfong has been making waves with our kids and here’s what we need to know about them.

Besides Blippi and Cocomelon, our kids are probably into the new YouTube channel known as Pinkfong. Although we’re not too keen on exposing our kids to cartoons or anime, we sometimes can’t help but rely on these shows as a digital yaya. They keep our kids occupied and give us the breathing space we need for self-care. So, to make things easier, we made a guide about Pinkfong and its characters: Hogi, Pinkfong, William, Jeni, Baby Shark, and the others.

An Educational Korean TV Show


We’re used to K-Dramas being watched by our teens. But us hearing that Pinkfong was made from an educational company in Korea is quite the revelation. The show originally had slower tunes but the president, Lee Ryan Seung-kyu, wanted something a little more upbeat so the lessons would stick. They also tailored the colors to be bright and used anthropomorphic creatures that were similar to Pororo, the penguin from another show that your kids might be familiar with.

Inspiration: The Little Prince


We’re all familiar with the story The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. But Pinkfong wasn’t based off from the prince. He was more based on the fox that the prince befriended. They couldn’t stick to the original colors but instead chose to fuse the two concepts. Pinkfong is a pink fox prince from the planet Staria who sings our kids songs and teaches them nursery rhymes.

Short Videos Made for Kids


Besides it being colored for kids, Pinkfong‘s videos are kept short so that our kids won’t have to stay too long. As is, Zoom classes already take up hours which isn’t the usual attention span for kids. Our kids love these short videos because it keeps them entertained, has bright colors they enjoy, and the songs are catchy. It may not be our desired way of them learning but Pinkfong is at least teaching them something.

Pinkfong: Another Educational Show for Our Kids

The bright colors and the singing anthropomorphic creatures play a big role in getting our kids to learn. Educational videos help engage our kids when we’re too tired to do so. Pinkfong has become so popular, it’s shocking how our kids suddenly know new things and terms from just watching them on YouTube. So far, they’ve covered most of the preschool basics with Hogi, Pinkfong, Baby Shark, William, and the other characters which your kids can watch on the platform.

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