Meet the Wiggles: 7 Reasons Why They are a Hit with Kids

The Australian group has been entertaining kids for 30 years!

Children’s television has expanded in the past decades with more kid’s shows being developed. These days, kids are glued to characters from shows such as Cocomelon, Blippi, Pinkfong, and Dave and Eva. Sesame Street, which has also been around for 52 years is still a hit. Another children’s TV show is getting a lot of attention from families as well. The Wiggles, an Australian group that has been entertaining kids in the Land Down Under for 30 years, is the latest favorite of many toddlers who watch their shows on their official YouTube account.

Thanks to their success, they’ve performed in some parts of the world and even have a line of merchandise you can buy. Just who are the Wiggles? Let’s get to know them a little bit more.

Meet the Wiggles

the wiggles

The original group

the wiggles

The Wiggles was formed in 1991 and started as an all-male group. Anthony Field, one of the founding members, started the group when he had an idea for a children’s album. The original members included Field, Murray Cook, Greg Page, and Jeff Fatt.

Today, the Wiggles are represented by Field (Blue Wiggle), Emma Watkins (Yellow Wiggle), Lachlan Gillespie (Purple Wiggle), Simon Pryce (Red Wiggle), and Paul Paddick, who plays Captain Featherswords.

The show’s many characters

The show has other characters that are involved. Aside from Anthony, Emma, Lachy, Simon, andCaptain Featherswords, there are more Wiggles such as Evie, John, Kelly, and Tsehay.

There are also characters such as Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, Boks, a hand puppet, Shirley Shawn the Unicorn, Henry the Octopus, and Officer Beaples, a dancing safety officer keeping the Wiggle town safe.

Additionally, it helps that the show is very visual and makes learning very easy especially in song and dance numbers.

Big Playlist

As of 2021, the Wiggles have produced 54 albums. They’re also set to do another series of Australian tours in 2022 and have done a series of shows in the US.

YouTube subscription and appearances

Clearly, the Wiggles are a big hit with families and their kids. Their YouTube account as of November 19 has 2.21 million subscribers. Moreover, they have posted a number of videos from their shows online for other kids in different parts of the world to watch.

Their success has definitely expanded out of Australia. They’ve collaborated with Sesame Street on a number of catchy songs that kids can repeat playing.

Last song syndrome

What makes the Wiggles popular are their fun songs. Three of their big hits, “Hot Potato,” “Fruit Salad” and “Do the Propeller” are just some that kids like to sing and even parents can’t get out of their heads.

Two of today’s Wiggles started as second characters in the show

In an ABC News Australia documentary in 2018, Lachlan and Emma shared how they got their break in the show. In the interview, Lachlan previously played Captain Feathersword for the Dorothy Dinosaur Show, while Emma played a dancy fairy in the show.

Happy 30th anniversary!

The group has been together for the last three decades. To celebrate their 30th year, they launched back in January their latest single, “We’re All Fruit Salad” and a compilation album.

The Spanish contemporaries

The Wiggles have expanded their audience even in Spanish-speaking countries. They’ve launched a group called Los Wiggles with Francisco, Zoe, Fernando, and Kitty.

The Wiggles: More to Come

With an Australian tour coming up, we will definitely be seeing more of the Wiggles. Who knows—they might even come to Asia and entertain us soon!

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