TiliBolz’s “Big Sister Shower” is in Disneyland!

To celebrate TiliBolz becoming a big sister very soon, Nico and Solenn took a family trip to Disneyland.

As TiliBolz will become a big sister very soon, her mom and dad Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico brought her to Tokyo Disneyland to celebrate the new and exciting chapter of her life. From the different rides, enjoying the confectioners, and being joined by cousin Dahlia Amelie with celebrity parents Erwann Heusaff and Anne Curtis, it was a very magical four days in Japan.

The trip was a big and happy one!

According to Nico, they haven’t even reached the park and TiliBolz already bolted off to hug a Mickey Mouse stuffed toy.

For Solenn, the four days in Tokyo Disneyland were filled with “lots of love and living in the moment”. And hopefully, some “quiet time if it still existed”.

But TiliBolz’s Big Sister Shower wouldn’t be complete without her sister from another mother, Dahlia Amelie! Anne Curtis and Erwan Heusaff also joined in on the fun.

Congratulations on being a big sister, TiliBolz!

TiliBolz having a great time in Disneyland1
Source: Solenn Heusaff’s IG

TiliBolz definitely enjoyed the magical experience of Disneyland. But we’re also sure that being a big sister will be a magical trip of many ups and downs. From sharing food, reading stories together, and having their hilarious squabbles—it’s going to be a ride!

Celebrity parents Solenn and Nico revealed last September 25 that TiliBolz will have a younger sister to grow up with.

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