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9 Tips For Parents Who Work from Home

Balancing being a parent and working from home can be a pretty challenging ordeal. Here are a few tips for parents who work from home.

These days, the house has also become an office. After the pandemic made companies realize that it’s feasible for their employees to work from home, we’ve seen a rise in this setup being maintained. But what was once a clear line between the office and home is now in one place. As someone in the same situation, I can personally share some tips for parents who work from home.

Modern Parenting’s Tips for Parents Who Work from Home

1. Establish your space

It’s vital that you have your own corner in the house to work. This can help your family understand that when you are in that area, you are not to be disturbed as much as possible so you can work in peace. Having your own space also means time for you to concentrate and finish the task you need to do.

2. Be firm with your schedule

One of the most common problems that arise is when you have a schedule and suddenly it gets interrupted by errands or other matters. Make sure that you and your partner or a helper have a division of tasks so that you can stick to the schedule that you have for the day.

3. Set aside time for play and time for family

This may be quite challenging considering that when you are working, kids who get curious will approach and want to see what you are doing. Tip number two in having a schedule helps. Explain to your child that you will attend to their needs as soon as you are finished.

Once you are finished with your tasks, close all your gadgets, laptops, and distractions so that you can focus on your time with your kids.

4. Keep calm and be patient

With the stress of work and trying to calm kids around you, it’s important to check your temper. Chances are you’ll get overwhelmed and find yourself frustrated instead of solving the matter.

5. Explain to your kids the boundaries

As early as you can, you need to explain to your kids that you have things to do. Disciplining them is not easy—but if you make them understand, they will eventually know when to come up to you for something important.

6. Learn when to separate

Even if you have set house rules, chances are they won’t be followed all the time. But if you have a plan and explain it well to the children, they will eventually follow it—giving you some much-needed me-time.

Bonus Tips for Breastfeeding Moms with Infants

Now if you’re a breastfeeding mom with an infant, here are tips that our Managing Editor, Gretchen Gatan Fragada—a first-time mom to a 5-month-old baby girl—suggests.

7. Work while the baby naps

Babies need at least 12 hours of sleep and often have 3 to 4 naps a day. Use this window to get as many tasks done.

8. Invest in a breastfeeding pillow

Sometimes, your baby will need to feed while you’re working. The good news is that there are breastfeeding pillows like the My Brestfriend Nursing Pillow that allow you to feed hands-free.

9. Learn to babywear

Some babies tend to get clingy with their moms—making it impossible to get things done. But if you learn to babywear, it’s easy to move around while keeping your baby close and calm. You can use cloth or ring sling carriers like Mamaway’s or a hipseat carrier like i-Angel’s—whichever you’re more comfortable with.

We hope these tips for parents who work from home can help you become more efficient and productive!

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