To Triumph in Comfort, Instead of Just Surviving

Triumph’s latest Inspiring Comfortalks tackles how feeling good in our clothes makes it easier to tackle problems.

No family problem is ever comfortable to deal with. But at least, we can feel comfortable in our underwear while doing so. As women, we have different kinds of underwear. We have our sexy lingerie and then we have the old reliable one that some of us don’t have the heart to throw out because it’s so comfy. But sometimes, to Triumph instead of just surviving, it takes a new level of comfort.

Understanding the New Definition of “Comfort”

As moms, the biggest misconception we face is that “we’re just relaxing at home” when it’s the complete opposite. During Triumph’s Inspiring Comfortalks, Mel Benipayo and Issa Hilton both shared, as moms, that “home is where it’s busiest for moms”. For Mel, she not only has her four kids to watch but also her online business and their homeschooling. And for content creator Patricia Bobadilla, it was chasing another dream: to travel.

But in finding a different kind of comfort, we sometimes have to break our initial definition of comfort. “I was so familiar with the corporate world that it was such a big choice to leave it and become a stay-at-home mom,” shares Mel. The choice to become a stay-at-home mom and being able to live with that choice is not easy.

As women, we often reluctantly give up comfort to achieve what society demands. High heels, and sometimes even bras—not many of us love the idea but we aren’t planning to do the bra-burning route anytime soon. “But we make a lot of sacrifices, especially as a hands-on, stay-at-home mom,” Mel adds. “We instead look for fulfillment in being able to serve our families. But we want to also do so in comfort.”

Being Triumphant in Your Survival

It will always be a struggle to find your comfort zone because, at one point, we will have to leave it. But there are some things we can control such as the clothes we wear. So that if ever we’re going to go through hard times, we will do so in the most comfortable wear we have. And sometimes, to get that little Triumph in life, you’re going to need the right bra for it.

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