Today’s Faces of Parenting: Sam Pinto-Semerad and Anthony Semerad 

Sam Pinto and Anthony Semerad are blessed with good careers but being parents to their daughter Mia is their top priority.

This story about Sam Pinto and Anthony Semerad first came out in Modern Parenting’s 2022 print edition.

While the two might have sizzled our screens and feeds when they first debuted as a couple, Sam Pinto-Semerad and Anthony Semerad have proven that their relationship remains strong even past its initial stages and into their next phase of their lives as spouses and parents to Mia Aya. Faced with their own individual endeavors, the first-time mom and dad nonetheless manage to incorporate fun into their family life.

Motherhood is typically a life-changing event, but Sam is no stranger to change. Having worn many hats over the years (including her stint at Pinoy Big Brother, as a two-time FHM Sexiest Woman Alive winner, and currently as the owner of L’Sirene Boutique Resort and co-founder of Sirena Swimwear PH), Sam’s adaptability is something she carries now as a new mom.

When asked about what her biggest challenge is, Sam glibly shares it’s learning to cook. “My biggest adjustment now is that I have to feed someone…I don’t [cook,] but I had to learn how to cook,” she says. “I’m self-taught…I just Google everything online.” Regardless, it’s something she finds enjoyable, especially when she notices her progress. “Finding myself cut and peel potatoes faster is fulfilling… ‘cause now it’s not about me anymore. I have this little human being I have to take care of.”

When asked about what a bucket list with her daughter would include, Sam shares many of the things she currently enjoys, including surfing, free diving, and sharing a love for the ocean. “Also traveling and exploring the world — we want to go on a European trip when she can already remember things,” she says.

While the mom life for Sam seems quite rewarding, it does have its share of hurdles. One such thing
is the expectation of what moms need to look like after giving birth, and as a model and actress, the pressure is all the more severe. Nonetheless, Sam seems unfazed by it. “That’s what society does. They pressure you. But for me, it’s up to you. Anything is possible,” she shares. “[You can just have] a proper diet, work out, be healthy. Invest in yourself. Or you can just enjoy the process. It’s [a] part of motherhood.”

And Sam walks the talk. Despite not returning to her extra small size, she’s nonetheless accepted it with open arms. “You grew a little human inside you and that’s already a blessing,” she shares.

Anthony, on the other hand, continues to glide through the twists and turns the life of an athlete brings. The NLEX Warrior shares how he finds himself constantly busy as a professional athlete. When he
and Sam had Mia, a lot of changes had to be made. “I think the biggest adjustment was time management. As a professional athlete, I’m already so busy so my wife and I plan everything [so we can] be sure we…have everything done,” he shares. This planning, of course, includes who cooks dinner, when baby Mia gets bathed, and the couple’s date nights.

When balancing this hectic schedule, Anthony notes how clear communication and sharing responsibilities played a big role in keeping their new family afloat. “[When] becoming a new parent, [Sam and I feel] communication is a must with your partner,” he says. “Shared decision-making and positive problem-solving help a lot.”

One instance where this mutual problem-solving helped was with Anthony’s sleeping habits. As an athlete, he often had to wake up early in the morning, so getting enough sleep was a challenge for him. Fortunately, Sam had opted to take the night shift so he could sleep all through the night. “I can’t thank her enough,” he says, gratefully.

That said, would Anthony envision a sports career for Mia when she grows older? The answer depends.
“I strongly believe everyone has their own path and journey,” he shares. “My wife and I have already discussed that we are going to guide and support Mia in [whatever] path she may choose and give her the tools to help her succeed. Hopefully, I can be a positive example to Mia as I’ve learned a lot [as] a pro athlete…discipline, consistency, and goal setting for me is the key to a successful career and life.”

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