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Blissful Luxury: Treat Yourself to This Facial Device From Aivee Clinic

The Aivee Clinic announces its newest aesthetic facial device called Aivee Préime—which has been tried and tested by some of their endorsers!

Admit it or not, the daily grind can take a toll on one’s looks—from wrinkles to eyebags, acne, or even dull skin. This is why skin clinics have come up with many variants to address concerns and the Aivee Clinic is no exception.

Famed for its aesthetic and dermatological services, the Aivee Clinic offers diverse treatments that cater to different areas of the body. For facial treatments, the clinic showcases its latest beauty device: the Aivee Préime.

The Aivee Préime

What is the Aivee Préime?

The Aivee Préime is the latest and most advanced aesthetic facial device. With an innovative 5-in-1 system, it can deep clean, tighten, and rejuvenate the skin. And the best part about the Aivee Préime? It’s all suitable for skin types, plus, it addresses concerns like aging skin, blemishes, pigmentation issues, and dull complexion.

The Aivee Préime boasts five features that answer all skin concerns. This includes AquaB, which cleans and preps the skin by doing a spiral movement and its vacuum technology; VibroX, which enhances oxygen delivery and skin rejuvenation; and MicroT, which helps tighten and smoothen skin and tone the muscles.

Additionally, the facial device also has Collagen+, which promotes collagen and elastin production. Finally, it has UltraB, which enhances the transdermal absorption of active ingredients by using high-frequency thermal ultrasound. This simply means improved skin absorption!

With this device, the “glass skin” look is within reach!

Mimiyuuuh and the Aivee Préime

Tried and Tested

The Aivee Préime has been tried and tested by the Aivee’s top clients. This includes actresses Sofia Andres and Sue Ramirez, as well as actors Richard Gutierrez and Jake Cuenca.

“Préime aligns perfectly with our commitment to offering the best to our clients,” Dr. Aivee Teo explained. “It empowers our skilled team to create personalized treatment plans for healthier, radiant skin making our patients look and feel better.”

Looking for a way to treat yourself? Give the Aivee Préime a try at the Aivee Clinic and experience the difference!

Dr. Aivee Teo and Z Teo

Photos from The Aivee Clinic

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