Here’s How Trina Candaza Threw Her Daughter A Unicorn Birthday

Digital creator mom Trina Candaza just threw her daughter, Enola Mithi, a rainbow unicorn-themed party for her third birthday!

Unicorns are probably a kid’s most favorite animal (next to dinosaurs). Especially for little girls, unicorns symbolize everything they like. They’re colorful, whimsical, graceful, and beautiful. So when her daughter, Enola Mithi, wanted an out-of-this-world creature for her birthday, how does digital creator mom Trina Candaza work with the theme? Here’s how she did it:

Here's How Trina Candaza Threw Her Daughter A Unicorn Birthday
Source: trinacandaza Instagram

Building a wispy paradise out of balloons for the unicorns!

Since unicorns are supposed to be fleet-footed creatures, Trina needed something airy to simulate the wispy clouds that they tread on. Balloons certainly do the trick, especially in pastel colors like pale peach and light moss green. To create the magical air where the unicorns lived, she had a wall painted with pastel colors and drawings of unicorns while having them dusted with some glitter.

No birthday will be complete without a light but colorful feast. With two food carts containing sweet and fluffy pastries and colorful drinks, Trina Cadanza brought the unicorn kingdom’s feast to her daughter.

But what we noticed is that the giveaways for Enola’s birthday were more for the moms than the kids which we think is quite thoughtful. Most kids’ birthdays have giveaways for the kids, leaving the parents empty-handed. We think it’s sweet of Trina to make sure that even the adults enjoyed her daughter’s birthday.

Here's How Trina Candaza Threw Her Daughter A Unicorn Birthday
Source: trinacandaza Instagram

Making kiddie birthday parties enjoyable for everyone

Kiddie birthday parties are usually planned and designed with only the kids in mind. But what about the parents who brought their children over? We love how Trina Cadanza’s loot bags showed that parents deserve a giveaway, too, as a token of gratitude for bringing their kids over to play and celebrate. Doing so made sure that the birthday wasn’t just magical for Mithi but also the parents of Mithi’s friends. Happy 3rd birthday, Mithi!

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