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Unique Things Families Can Do To Celebrate The Holidays 2023

Food, mass, family dinner, rinse, and repeat — here are some unique things families can do to celebrate the holidays in 2023.

As the holidays are approaching this 2023, people are probably planning the usual things like a potluck family reunion, where to attend noche buena, and most of all: Christmas gift shopping. But some families may want to add a little more sparkle and spice this coming holidays; the end of the year is coming after all! But what are some unique family-friendly things to do to welcome and end the holidays with a bang this 2023? Here are some ways!

Family Christmas Runway Show

Buying new clothes for the holidays is a superstitious practice for some families, believing that it keeps the luck from 2023 to carry on to 2024. For some cultures, it’s also a way to respect the festivities and the novelties of the celebration. Some families even choose certain themes for the perfect family photos like Modern Filipinana, Plaid, White Christmas, etc. But to add a little spice to the celebration, maybe the teens and kids can have their runway and get prizes for “Most Outstanding”, “Most Colorful,” “Best Look For Less,” etc.

Help Out In The Animal Shelter

Unfortunately, it’s still a common trend in some families to give pets as gifts for the holidays which leads to some of these pets being abandoned when the holiday high dies. These abandoned pets want nothing but love so, a little celebration with them in the pet shelters not only brings these pets joy but also inspires the veterinarians who work there to keep on providing the best care they can for these furry lovebugs. Who knows? Maybe one may find their furever home with you!

Bike Around The City

With everyone in the province and offices closed for the holidays this 2023, the streets will be clean and a little safer for those who want to bike. Enjoy the fresh air and the silence of biking around the metro with the family while it lasts. The holidays are the perfect excuse to enjoy a biking trail like they do in Amsterdam or Paris. Think of it also as a way to source out new holes in the wall and hidden gems to eat out with the family.

The best times to bike may be early morning like 7-9 AM or afternoon from 3-5 PM. At least the sun won’t be so hot.

Celebrate with an Orphanage

Love is a gift meant to be shared, not kept. The holidays are all about spreading good cheer and children definitely love a good Christmas party. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; sometimes, even ordering food from their favorite fast food is good enough so long as you spend quality time with them. Some of these kids have OFW parents who may not be able to come home for the holidays because of what’s been happening this 2023. Companionship is something they’ll appreciate.

Plant A Tree

Some families what they do is they plant a tree in their houses to symbolize the start of the new year. As the year passes by, the tree will be like a reminder of how things grow and change over the days. Most especially if it’s a fruit tree, gifting boxes and baskets of fruits is a way of wishing good health and prosperity to those who receive it.

Every family can come up with their unique holiday tradition for 2023!

With some families marking this year as the year of the “true” new normal, new traditions to celebrate it are sprouting left and right. It’s a cheerful time of year to remember the things we accomplished to make the true new normal come true. Although some things will never change (like how EDSA can still become a big red Christmas tree on certain days), we’re grateful for the things that did to make the holidays bright this 2023.

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