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Ways We Can Make The Holidays Special With Our Grandparents

Sometimes, a little change of scenery can go a long way for our grandparents during the holidays.

One of the leading reasons why our grandparents seem to become forgetful or get lost in the conversation is because they don’t go out as much as they used to. A lot of times, they’re just at home, either watching TV, reading books, or doing other small activities which become quite boring after a while. So why not spice up the grandparents’ holidays with some places to go to and things to do? Besides, with their Senior Citizen cards, they get some special treatment and discounts, too!

Ways We Can Make The Holidays Special With Our Grandparents

Listening to the orchestra in Manila Peninsula

Our grandparents grew up with classical music and what better way to let them relive those moments when computers didn’t tune the music than by treating them to tea time with a live performance at the Manila Peninsula hotel lobby? While listening to the strings and piano accompaniment, we can enjoy some tea, juice, and appetizers while exchanging stories with our grandparents during the holidays.

Joining them in Tai Chi or Yoga classes

Ever wonder how some grandparents can still be so lucid and active? It’s because some of them are still actively exercising, joining Tai Chi, Yoga, and even Zumba classes within the subdivisions and barangays. Maybe as a holiday practice, instead of just buying them something, take some time to join them in these physical activities. Besides, if we’re in that workout slump, we might just find some inspiration working out with our grandparents.

Take them to one of their childhood or favorite restaurants

Some old restaurants like Mario’s, Aristocrat, Albas, Melo’s, and Ma Mon Luk truly proved to withstand the test of time as some of these restaurants began during our grandparents’ time! Because some of our grandparents grew up when the Philippines had been colonized by the Americans and the Japanese, they may prefer enjoying a Spanish or Chinese meal like paella or pancit for the holidays because of the memories associated with these. Besides, as they get older, some grandparents may be a little more health-conscious and might prefer soft and steamed dishes like dumplings, risotto, and others instead!

Visiting their favorite churches or temples

A lot of our grandparents are still quite religious and spiritual that they may enjoy a pilgrimage to the various beautiful churches in the metro. Some even go as far as The Antipolo Cathedral or The Manila Cathedral in Intramuros to end their pilgrimage with a big bang before enjoying a meal in one of the Spanish restaurants in the area.

On the other hand, some of our grandparents may be Christian on paper but more Buddhist in practice and philosophy. Visiting a Buddhist temple can be quite an enlightening experience, especially when burning incense to wish for a more fruitful and kinder year next year.

Take them to a casino

Although we shouldn’t encourage gambling, some grandparents want to experience a little thrill for the holidays. After working long and hard for their money, they now have the chance to enjoy it. They often enter casinos and try a bit of the slots, which was one of the big things in hotels during the American era. There are a few here like Resorts World, Solaire, and Okada which we’re sure the ones who believe in the “go big or go home” philosophy would enjoy. The only thing we should worry about is if they get too immersed in it, though.

Have a surprise party with their friends

Just like us, our grandparents had their parenting villages before life and circumstances made them drift away. Now that their children have families of their own, some of which may have migrated to other countries, these grandparents may be spending the holidays alone. Holding a special party for them celebrates the spirit of Thanksgiving, spreading cheer and joy to grandparents who have long wanted to meet their friends and perhaps, even their siblings who also migrated!

Ways We Can Make The Holidays Special With Our Grandparents

Our holidays wouldn’t be the same without them!

A lot of the family traditions we have for our holidays come from them. From the choice of lechon to the kind of dishes served, our grandparents made sure their families enjoyed the holidays even during hard economic and political times. The holidays are the times when all the more we should remember how big a role grandparents play in our children’s lives because our childhood memories have our grandparents in them. While our kids and maybe our grandparents may not be as physically strong as they used to be, sometimes, all they need is a reason or a bit of encouragement from us to make the holidays more memorable for them. After all, a fun-filled holiday a year keeps our grandparents’ brains always in gear.

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