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4 Reasons to Love Your Grandparents Every Day

September 10 was Grandparents Day but don’t you think that it should be celebrated every day?

In case you missed it, September 10 was Grandparents Day. Since President Jimmy Carter introduced it in the US in 1978, Grandparents Day is celebrated every first Sunday of September after Labor Day.

But celebrating grandmothers and fathers doesn’t have to be just for a day. Here are some reasons why kids and parents should love and appreciate them every day.

4 Reasons to Love Your Grandparents Every Day

Grandparents are second parents

Just like the aunts and uncles, grandparents serve as second parents to the kids. While there is a privilege of having nannies and helpers to be with the children, nothing beats having the grandparents around to spend time with them. Most especially telling stories from their youth.

Grandparents feel young with their grandkids around

They may suffer some pain in parts of their bodies but when it comes to their grandkids, they’ll do anything. Whether it be carrying them, walking with them, or just horsing around. Having kids around them makes them feel young again.

They feel very important when surrounded by their loved ones

In the Philippines, having grandparents is common in the house unlike in other countries like the US where they are placed in elderly care centers. So whenever their kids or grandkids drop by to be with them for the day, they already feel the importance and that they are still loved.

Grandparents spoil their grandkids

Admit it! We love it when our grandparents give almost everything to us that our parents don’t. It’s often said that their main work has always been to spoil their grandchild (especially if you are the first apo). So for the first grandchild, you are an extremely lucky child indeed!

Grandparents Day

A big reminder: Spend as much time as you can

If there is one lesson we can take away from the distance of the pandemic is to cherish being with our loved ones. This is also the case with our grandparents. So while they can still share stories of their youth, spend time with them and you might pick up a lot of words of wisdom along the way.

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