5 Common Aches Our Grandparents Need Relief From

A lot of times, our grandparents are in a bad mood because of these common aches and pains.

One of the most common reasons our grandparents slowly become cranky and senile is because they can’t move as much. With aching knees and bodies, the years of overwork, lack of nutrition, and lack of sleep eventually catch up with them, which can often ruin their mood. But it’s also hard to find a trustworthy nurse to look after them. Luckily, a good smart massage chair can easily deal with all these common aches and pains that our grandparents suffer from.

1. Backache

Osteopenia is a common occurrence, especially in grandmothers. It’s when bones lose their density and are not as strong as they used to be. Usually, our grandparents feel pain in their lower back. With their muscles weakening and bones losing density, they have a hard time standing up.

Back pains are also the usual reason they lose sleep. And when a person loses sleep, they get extra cranky and temperamental.

2. Knees

We notice that a lot of our grandparents begin shrinking or atrophying especially when they become bedridden. Without much use of their legs, their muscles shrink but they stop moving because walking becomes quite painful for them. Knee pain is another common form of ache that can be caused by osteopenia or sometimes, a pinched nerve. A massage helps the muscles move and slows their shrinking down.

3. Wrist

Wrists may not be as common as the first two but it often occurs in people who do a lot of needlework or wrist work without the proper support. Our grandparents are also quite susceptible to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which is when there’s discomfort or pain in the wrist due to nerve damage. Besides taking the appropriate vitamins, a good massage helps remove the tension in the muscles.

4. Neck

Neck aches will always be annoying and are more frequent for our grandparents. Being bedridden or hunched over can cause neck pains, making it difficult to even nod or shake their head. It’s why some of them just prefer smiling or frowning. However, the right massage chair will exert the proper amount of force to gently remove the knots or stiffness in the neck.

5. Shoulders

Aching shoulders are probably one of the most frequent ones in both adults and grandparents, which can be due to bad sleeping positions or having the air-con blowing straight on their backs. With the shoulder being responsible for most of a human’s mobility, any form of movement can cause discomfort which our grandparents will feel more.

We can help our grandparents manage their aches and pains

Some of us are hesitant to visit our grandparents because of how temperamental they can get. But more often than not, their being temperamental is because they’re in pain; it has nothing to do with our presence. Moreover, many grandparents suffer a loss of zest because pain and aches constrain them to a bed or a short distance. Getting them the Ogawa Smart ReLuxe massage chair might just be the best gift for them. It’s not just peace for the house, but helping our grandparents live the rest of their days to the fullest.

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