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Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Moms: 2024 Edition

Here are some ideas and suggestions for Valentine’s Day gifts for moms this coming 2024!

Love is in the air and for Valentine’s Day, flowers and chocolates are the traditional gift pair! Some may switch it up by gifting moms with their favorite flowers in their cutest color along with some expensive chocolate. While they do appreciate those, there are some gifts moms do have on their Valentine’s Day wishlist that they probably didn’t mention explicitly.

Without further ado, here are some Valentine’s Day Gifts moms will appreciate this 2024.

1. Doing the chores without us ever asking to.

Every mom, married woman, and woman’s pet peeve with their man is when they start living together, the chores fall on the woman’s shoulders. But we’re not the family housekeeper; we live together in the same house and managing it is a team effort. If some chores are easy enough to do (e.g. putting the dirty clothes in the hamper and sorting them by color, sweeping the floors, and doing the grocery), just do it.

And moms, we know that we get irritable when it’s not done “our way.” But the more we scold our partners for not doing the chores our way, the more they’ll be afraid to help out. They helped us and that’s honestly a win enough.

2. A date at a place that they’ve been wanting to go.

There are probably some restaurants we’ve mentioned off-handedly that we wanted to go to. And if it’s a completely new restaurant, it’s nothing a little research on Google and restaurant review sites can’t handle. But it’s best to reserve early, especially if they offer fine dining! They are the ones with a lot of reservations since they usually serve traditional romantic dinner recipes like steak, prawns, and the like.

Additionally, reserving early means we have time to set money and schedules aside to make sure the Valentine’s Day date goes without a hitch.

3. A day where they don’t have to plan or think about a thing.

Moms are always the planners; from day to night, moms make sure every event, activity, and even household chore must fall in “like clockwork.” There isn’t a day in the year when moms don’t plan or fix things. How else does the family survive the day? Moms got everything under control as the family’s one-man production crew!

So maybe for a Valentine’s Day gift, giving mom a day where she can just hibernate and slump around is highly appreciated.

4. An essential jewelry piece

Since clothes have trends and styles that flatter specific body types, an essential jewelry piece might be a better gift. It should be simple but elegant in design; nothing too shiny or too heavy that it’ll interfere with her daily routine.

Some key tips when choosing jewelry for women: look for designs that focus more on texture (e.g. smooth or rough), are lightweight, and are simple in shape (e.g. hoop – circular, stud – a dot, or dangling – suspended with a chain). That way, she can wear it with anything she wants.

There are extra brownie points if someone takes note of our jewelry collection and notices a particular design and color we don’t have. Chances are, we’ve been thinking about finding one.

5. An app that will help with her work.

Working moms can relate: nothing annoys us more than an app that has the features we need but will only let us use it if we pay its yearly subscription. We feel that the money used to pay for the subscription can be better invested elsewhere – in our kids’ education, daily needs, or the money market for future use.

Unlocking all the features of a premium app will help a working mom allot more time for herself and be less cranky. Less cranky usually means more time for Valentine’s Day fun.

6. Comfortable, handmade leather shoes

Every mom or woman must’ve thrown more than 3 or 4 pairs of shoes out of their wardrobe after the pandemic because the shoe’s glue became brittle over time, causing them to fall apart. But that’s the fun part about investing in handmade leather shoes: because they’re sewn together, they can last longer than an average shoe that’s held together by glue!

Besides, leather shoes like oxfords, brogues, boots, loafers, and mules are such versatile fashion pieces. they can match with skirts, pants, and even shorts. Some Marikina shops like Una Ph and Zapateria Marikina specialize in leather shoes for women or, schedule a trip to the Philippines’ Shoe Capital with its many hidden restaurant gems waiting to be explored.

7. A staycation without the kids

A lot of a mom’s frustration with her partner comes from the neglect and invalidation she feels while managing the household and the family. To rekindle the love, sometimes it means forgetting that you’re both parents for awhile. Maybe schedule the kids with the grandparents for the day while mom and dad celebrate why they chose to be each other’s forever Valentine.

The trick behind these Valentine’s Day Gifts is to be mindful of what mom said!

Some of our partners spend their time scratching their heads on how to express their love for us on Valentine’s Day because they’re not sure if we meant it or not. But a lot of times, we did, and seeing that our partner got us something based on what they overheard validates us. We feel that they’re listening to us. While we’ll still take the flowers and chocolate, we don’t mind if our partners spice things up a little.

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