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Vania Romoff: Nesting for Five

Moving houses, welcoming twins, and raising a toddler—especially at a time of pandemic—inspire a new style sensibility for fashion designer Vania Romoff.

The past 12 months were filled with milestones for fashion designer, Vania Romoff. Apart from raising her four-year-old daughter, Emilia, she also conceived twins and consequently, moved houses. “We moved houses when I found out I was pregnant with twins. My husband and I have always lived in an apartment so it was a big change for us,” says the mother of three.

Enjoying the Nesting Process

The transition kept the entire family occupied throughout most of 2020. Vania Romoff adds, “A lot of nesting happened. Emilia enjoyed the process of putting her room together and we had lots of fun decorating.” Moving into a larger space also meant more room for gardening, swimming, and other outdoor activities. It entailed a little extra help, especially with the joyful arrival of twin boys.

Vania Romoff: “It’s okay to ask for help.”

“My husband and everyone in the household contribute and help each other out. Even Emilia helps in her own way, too. She sings to the twins and knows how to prepare the milk bottles or put on their bibs. It is important to recognize that even if we think we can do it all (because we usually can), it is okay to ask for help.” Vania has also learned to live each day as they come. “Being a long-term goal kind of planner, I had to adjust. There’s really no telling what could happen next during a time like this.”

Although perpetually busy with three kids, a new home, and a business to run, Vania Romoff emphasizes the importance of self-care and a few feel-good essentials. She keeps things simple when it comes to skincare, throwing in a few extra minutes for a night mask and Gua sha massage before tucking the kids in.

Comfort in Her Clothing

As someone who works in fashion, Vania Romoff has also found the ideal nesting and work-from-home pieces. “Pregnancy and quarantine have made me an advocate of comfortable clothing. I wear pieces from our current collection because I designed them with comfort and versatility in mind. My favorites are the Sicily set and the Bloom tops.”

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